Who is Vincent Parascandola and his Involvement with AXA

Vincent Parascandola is a very skilled management official from the United States. He specializes in several areas such as financial services, retirement planning, estate planning, asset management and life insurance. He attended the Pace University– Lubin School of Business where he graduated with a degree in computer science. As of today, Vincent Parascandola works with AXA USA. Before joining this firm, he used to work for the MONY Group where he held several roles such as the filed vice president, sales manager and as a financial professional.

Vincent Parascandola has also worked for the Prudential Insurance for two years as an agent and Irvin Trust Company for two years as a system analyst. Some the positions that he has occupied with AXA US include senior executive vice president, chief sales officer, and president of the Continental division and the president of the AXA Equitable continental division. He has been with this company since the year 2005.

AXA is a financial service company that operates worldwide. This firm has offices in all parts of the globe as its services are available in Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, United States, Middle East, and the Far East. AXA specializes in services like investment management and global insurance. For eight consecutive years ending in 2016, AXA has recorded a brand growth of 14 percent annually. Because of its diversity, the firm is operated under different international laws as they differ from one country to the other.

AXA was established exactly 200 years ago and used to be referred to Mutuelle de L’assurance and has survived through the acquisition of other companies. Under different countries, the company operates under different names. The company has its operations in countries like Mexico, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Philippines, United States, France, United Kingdom and Japan. The name AXA is meant to be pronounced by all nations of the earth and is not an acronym.

The company does keep all the money it makes but spends some with philanthropy. Some of its major initiatives when it comes to giving is its research fund that is estimated at 100 million euros. The fund is meant to fund different types of research by different institutions.



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