Vinod Gupta Is An Expert Businessman That Started Out With Less Than Most

Vinod Gupta is more fortunate than most who grow up in similar conditions that he did. He didn’t have the typical commodities that most people are accustomed to these days, growing up in a poor region in India during the 1940’s. Regardless, Vinod Gupta was inspired to have an education and make something of himself, so he joined the Air Force in India. When he was finally able to take his leave, he was able to work on his education as he wanted. Vinod also moved to the United States to further his education before started off his career.

Though he took on a normal job for his experience at the time like anyone else would have, Vinod Gupta had a mind for business and being an entrepreneur. It didn’t take him long to come up with a way to make even more money by finding the services that his company needed most. Deciding to act on his own ambitions and business ideas, Vinod took out a loan for 100 dollars and started up his own company. Most would say this seems foolish, but Vinod’s idea was a tremendous success, building up a massive corporation over the course of two decades. In 2010, Vinod managed to sell off his company for more than 600 million dollars, with an initial investment of just 100 dollars 20 years beforehand.

Vinod Gupta has always used his success to help create a better world for everyone and this is likely influenced by his own upbringing as he understands the kind of struggle millions of people face around the world. He has personally dedicated his time to building up schools in India in order to offer children there a better education and continues to support philanthropic activities all over the world today.