Tommy Tune Enjoys An Evening Of Refreshments At Tony Petrello’s Magnificent Home

Tommy Tune has spent most of his career singing and dancing on the Broadway stage starring in shows like “A Day In Hollywood / A Night In Ukraine,” “Nine” and “Will Rogers Follies,” and he recently did a performance in his hometown of Houston. But it wasn’t just the performance that was special for Tune; he was also welcomed to the home of oil businessman Tony Petrello. Petrello had refreshments served and also had members of  theater board where Tune performed at his home. Tune had delightful moments when he toured the property and met Petrello’s wife and daughter. Petrello has given to other non-profits in theater in music, but he’s earned millions of dollars in annual compensation for his role at Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello took over the Chief Executive Officer position at Nabors Industries after his former colleague Eugene Isenberg passed away in 2011. He’s continued prioritizing advanced automated drilling and analytics software as part of the company’s initiative, and he also led the development of its Canadian subsidiary Canrig platform. Petrello also brought the research development team from Tesco Corporation after Nabors made a stock acquisition of that company, and they’ll also be opening new offshore sites with Saudi Aramco through their SANAD venture. In 2013, Petrello had his salary given bonuses as part of new company proposals, and those bonuses put him at $68.7 million, the highest-paid CEO of that year.

Tony Petrello came to Nabors Industries because they offered even more than what he was making in his law career. He had studied mathematics at Yale University but found a new interest in law in the following years. Petrello found loopholes in tax laws and helped manage mergers and acquisitions deals for various companies as an attorney for Baker & McKenzie. He was managing partner of the firm just prior to leaving for Nabors Industries.

Petrello is a close friend of the Duncan family who gave the initial funding for the Texas Children’s Hospital’s neurological institute. He gave its neurological studies foundation $7 million to discover cures for genetic disorders including cerebral palsy which his daughter Carena struggles with. It was a difficult period of Petrello’s life coming to reconcile with the fact that she would probably always need a wheelchair, but it’s always renewed his energy to support other young children in similar circumstances. He also was a $176,000 donor to flood cleanup operations resulting from hurricane Harvey.

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