The Chainsmokers Take Their Music in a Darker Direction

The Chainsmokers have taken the music industry by storm since appearing on the scene in 2015. Their debut EP, “Bouquet,” produced a smash hit with “Roses,” which featured vocals from Rozes — otherwise known as Elizabeth Mencel. The song, which she co-wrote, hit the top 10 in Billboard’s Hot 100 and went to number one on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

Their success didn’t stop there. For more than two years, they produced hit after hit. “Paris,” featuring vocals from Emily Warren, also hit the top 10 in Billboard’s Hot 100, as well as going to number one on the Dance/Electronic Songs chart. They collaborated with Coldplay on “Something Just Like This,” which was nominated for a Grammy. Their collaboration with American singer Halsey was their first number one hit in the Hot 100 and held its spot for 12 weeks in a row. It stayed in the top five for 26 weeks. During this time, the Chainsmokers beat Calvin Harris’s record of three songs at the top of the Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

The duo has followed up these phenomenal few years with a new single. “Sick Boy” is darker than their previous music. It’s meant to reflect the tone of the times. They spent the nine months since their previous release growing and reflecting not just on their place in society but their place as artists.

They don’t plan to slow down again in the near future. They have a lot of music planned — music that they hope will push the envelope, lyrically and soundwise. They’re not satisfied with keeping up their old sounds and style. They intend to keep growing and evolving. They have a number of upcoming collaborations with fellow producers.

It’s something new for the EDM duo, which consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They formed in 2012 in New York City. They drew some attention with “#Selfie” in 2014 and then shot to success with their first EP.