Technology Betters Modern Schools

From time and time again people are always looking to make things better. While everything else is being pushed forward, some school systems are still stuck with chalk boards and no computers. One of the companies that have decided to upgrade the educational system is ClassDojo. They’ve developed a communications app that changes the way learning works and pulls in parents, teachers, and even the students.

Keeping in touch with your school has never been more fun and easy. Everyone involved in your school can message each other, faculty can instantly message each other to plan school events and lectures, students can talk to students, and etc. Not only can the school save time and money, but anyone can be contacted as soon as possible in case of a dispute or altercation. Students don’t have to use their photos but are assigned avatars which can be customized inside the app. The avatars can be inspected by itself or teachers can collect students into classified groups.

ClassDojo is not only a communication app, but a lecture and reward system as well. It has the ability to sync up with smart boards to bring in student interaction. Everything displayed on the smart board is relayed onto the students app where they can easily follow along and take notes. The smart board can be tied with their Dojo points which can be redeemed for whatever the teacher has as a prize. These points are usually awarded in group activities, participation, and outstanding academic performance.