Waiakea Water: Alkaline Water Made from Hawaiian Volcanic Aquifer

Volcanic water benefits surpass normal drinking water (like tap water). Waiakea Water, from the Mauna Loa mountain in Hawaii, was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, age 22, when he was on vacation with his family. Waiakea water is Hawaii volcanic water that is created from snowmelt and rain in a 1.4 billion gallon aquifer in Hawaii. The area in the world with the highest number of consumers of bottled water is Italy; with this company emerging in the bottled water space, the future will certainly be interesting for Waiakea.

Volcanic water benefits surpass normal water, and Emmons knows this: He has grown Waiakea over 4000 percent since its beginning. Ryan claims that everyone who is a leading player in the bottled water space is above the age of 50, which brings fresh blood to a “business as usual” industry such as bottled water. His age and consequently different life perspective, in combination with the fact that this company uses 33% renewable energy for its bottled water creation, positions Waiakea for unique opportunities throughout the bottled water world.

Waiakea’s bottles are compostable, and this is the first bottled water company in history to ever do this. Waiakea water is one of Inc. 500’s top fastest growing companies in America. The main polluters of dumping plastic in oceans are surprisingly not Americans: they are Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesians, and Filipinos.

In America, 50 billion bottles were discarded last year alone, and Waiakea does not intend to be adding to that number. With water being a 100 billion dollar industry and Waiakea making compostable water bottles, it makes sesne that Waiakea will see more growth in the future. From a humanitarian perspective, perhaps the most interesting facet of this company is that they are donating 650 L of water to Africans through a charity called “Pump Aid”. Pump Aid has been giving away 500 million Liters of water so far to people in need. Waiakea water pH is on average between 7.8 and 8.8, making it alkaline and beneficial to the body.