The Desiree Perez Influence Inside of Roc Nation and Tidal

Tidal is the music streaming service that is riding the wave of success that Desiree Perez help Jay-Z create. Ironically, this was the music streaming service that people counted out. It was already in a failing stage when Jay-Z acquired it, and it continued to nosedive initially before Desiree Perez got involved with the structure for this app.

She has the ability to negotiate contracts well, and the Live Nation live streaming concerts that are becoming part of the Tidal Services makes this exclusive content that people cannot get anywhere else.

Desiree Perez had a hand in inking the contract with Live Nation. She has continued to be that person that stands in background at Roc Nation as a leader that will not take no for an answer.

When it comes to the empowerment of women Desiree Perez is someone that fits the role. This is one of the main reasons why Billboard has chosen to recognize her achievement. There is a great amount of respect for what she has been able to do so far, and there is a high likelihood that she will continue to be a driving force for the business that Jay-Z has created.

Tidal is not the only place where her influence has been felt. She has also been very active in building a roster at Roc Nation entertainment. This is a powerful platform for her to become apart of. It shows that women can get in positions of power and make moves on their own.

Jay-Z does not micromanage her. He does not sit around and oversee every single decision that she makes. Desiree Perez has decision-making power and a great amount of influence. She has been able make some big decisions at Roc Nation, and all of this has allowed her inspire women.

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