Susan Mcgalla Provides Good Information for Women in Business

Susan Mcgalla is known for many things. One of the many things that she is known for is her leadership role in helping many retail companies thrive. As a marketing consultant that wants work for herself it was obvious that Susan would be a person to help those that wanted to build better marketing campaigns.

Susan definitely can help with things like this because she majored in marketing, and her degree allowed her to move through different positions where she could put her advertising skills to work.

Susan Mcgalla graduated from the University of Mount Union, and she currently sits on the board of HFF. She has quite a bit of experience in the business world because she has work as a CEO for major companies like American Eagle Outfitters. This is a major accomplishment for women in business, and it shows that women are excited about taking on leadership roles in the business world. Susan Magalla is one of those people that has shown that the business world is filled with lots of great possibilities for women, but they have to work hard.

When Susan speaks to women this is going to be the first thing that she mentions. She wants women to really know that hard work is essential for building a successful career in the corporate world. It comes down to things like getting an education and getting the experience that is needed to handle certain position.

Susan has been able to gain a significant amount of success with big companies like American Eagle because she knew the value of hard work. Susan does not glance over this or take it lightly when she speaks to other women. When she speaks in conferences she is a voice that women really need to pay attention to. She knows so much about the business world, and she has her mind set on helping others that want to know about the business world. She is elated to be in a position where she can share this information with others. It makes it easier for other women to conquer corporate America.