Sightsavers: Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool

Sadly, the leading cause of blindness in the world is cataracts that have been left untreated. Even sadder, most vision loss is preventable so one never ever has to have it. Cataracts are too much protein that makes the eye lens really cloudy, then it causes blurry sight that ends in blindness.

Also, cataracts do come on children and adults, so it is not limited to old people. There are many, many children with them that create a real issue in some places. That said, many people in different countries are too far from eye care centers to afford more than one trip, let alone any follow-ups they must make. That is where a worldwide charity called Sightsavers comes in.

In fact, Sightsavers’s vision for itself is where everyone with a disability, including blindness, can fully take part in the world as it functions. This company’s going through whatever it takes to ensure the rights of the disabled including supporting local health systems.

In addition, in some of the poor population of the world, Sightsavers assists by giving what eyecare is needed, and they will see what other health issues may need taken care of. All over Asia and Africa as well as in 30 countries Sightsavers can be found.

What is more, to measure surgical quality immediately after eye surgery, a new app has been established at the World Ophthalmology Congress. Research has been done concerning eye care experts, and how they can better their solutions.

Something new called “BOOST” or Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool is used to ascertain the caliber of surgery that is done. A new app has been created, and one can download this app for free online. It records how good the quality of the surgery is that was just done. Sightsavers, a foundation, a hospital, a bank, an agency and the International Council of Ophthalmology all funded this very helpful app.