Porfirio Sanchez Galindo – An Extraordinary Media Executive

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is a household name in the corporate world and in particular in the media industry. The 39-year old is the Director of Economic Analysis and Special Projects at Group Televisa. It is a position he has held since being appointed by the company’s Vice President. The impressive Porfirio turned down a lucrative post at the World Bank to join Group Televisa in its journey towards penetrating the global scene.

In fact, during his current tenure, Group Television has a presence in over fifty countries besides Mexico and the United States. It distributes its content through more than twenty pay television networks and cable operators among others. The remarkable growth has been experienced under the guidance of Porfirio. He has had the advantage of pursuing relevant programs which coupled with his natural abilities, have led to his achievements. He has a background in applied mathematics, executive education and software research. These courses combined will provide answers to the questions of his current role in marketing and telecommunications.

Before joining the Group Televisa, Porfirio worked in the Mexican Ministry of Finance as the Minister’s Chief of Staff. His experience cuts across both the private and public sector. To an extent, this has given him the edge in ensuring smooth operations and enhanced performance of the company. He is the kind of executive who will ably liaise with government officials and business people taking cognizance of their mode of operation, and interests.

One key element of his success at the Company is teamwork. Through his leadership skills, he has instituted an efficient company where departments work in a harmonized manner towards a common goal. It is demonstrated by the efficiency of the company’s operations at a global scale. Also, he has initiated innovative marketing strategies that have enabled the company to have a competitive edge over its rivals. His approaches have always been consumer oriented and based on the current trends.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is a man with numerous accolades. Besides this, he exhibits a contemporary set of skills which any executive or manager would adapt for improved personal and business performance. We can simply consider him as a 21st-century corporate executive.