Vinod Gupta Is An Expert Businessman That Started Out With Less Than Most

Vinod Gupta is more fortunate than most who grow up in similar conditions that he did. He didn’t have the typical commodities that most people are accustomed to these days, growing up in a poor region in India during the 1940’s. Regardless, Vinod Gupta was inspired to have an education and make something of himself, so he joined the Air Force in India. When he was finally able to take his leave, he was able to work on his education as he wanted. Vinod also moved to the United States to further his education before started off his career.

Though he took on a normal job for his experience at the time like anyone else would have, Vinod Gupta had a mind for business and being an entrepreneur. It didn’t take him long to come up with a way to make even more money by finding the services that his company needed most. Deciding to act on his own ambitions and business ideas, Vinod took out a loan for 100 dollars and started up his own company. Most would say this seems foolish, but Vinod’s idea was a tremendous success, building up a massive corporation over the course of two decades. In 2010, Vinod managed to sell off his company for more than 600 million dollars, with an initial investment of just 100 dollars 20 years beforehand.

Vinod Gupta has always used his success to help create a better world for everyone and this is likely influenced by his own upbringing as he understands the kind of struggle millions of people face around the world. He has personally dedicated his time to building up schools in India in order to offer children there a better education and continues to support philanthropic activities all over the world today.

Sightsavers: Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool

Sadly, the leading cause of blindness in the world is cataracts that have been left untreated. Even sadder, most vision loss is preventable so one never ever has to have it. Cataracts are too much protein that makes the eye lens really cloudy, then it causes blurry sight that ends in blindness.

Also, cataracts do come on children and adults, so it is not limited to old people. There are many, many children with them that create a real issue in some places. That said, many people in different countries are too far from eye care centers to afford more than one trip, let alone any follow-ups they must make. That is where a worldwide charity called Sightsavers comes in.

In fact, Sightsavers’s vision for itself is where everyone with a disability, including blindness, can fully take part in the world as it functions. This company’s going through whatever it takes to ensure the rights of the disabled including supporting local health systems.

In addition, in some of the poor population of the world, Sightsavers assists by giving what eyecare is needed, and they will see what other health issues may need taken care of. All over Asia and Africa as well as in 30 countries Sightsavers can be found.

What is more, to measure surgical quality immediately after eye surgery, a new app has been established at the World Ophthalmology Congress. Research has been done concerning eye care experts, and how they can better their solutions.

Something new called “BOOST” or Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool is used to ascertain the caliber of surgery that is done. A new app has been created, and one can download this app for free online. It records how good the quality of the surgery is that was just done. Sightsavers, a foundation, a hospital, a bank, an agency and the International Council of Ophthalmology all funded this very helpful app.


Larkin And Lacey Look To Pull The Plug On Arpaio’s Legacy

The Frontera Fund has been seen as a tool of justice and bringing meaningful change to immigration laws and making sure innocent people making the journey are given good treatment. Even more so, they are working to make sure the wrongs that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio did to immigrants in the Phoenix community are never repeated.

Frontera Fund founders Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have experienced the wrongs of Arpaio firsthand when he used his power to wrongfully arrest them. Arpaio had used a variety of other controversial measures as sheriff and had even faced criminal charges recently though President Trump made sure that wouldn’t happen by giving him a pardon.

However, Larkin and Lacey are concerned with getting the real stories out of wrongfully accused immigrants and making sure reforms are enacted to fix immigration laws which they hope will eradicate the controversial legacy of Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin have been running a news organization that gets stories out there you wouldn’t otherwise know about since their news is generally considered to be non-mainstream. They first started writing newspapers back when they were both attending Arizona State University back in the early 1970s.

The main stories being covered at that time were protests of the Vietnam War and what they thought were unfair depictions being made of the activists.

It led them to start writing an independent newspaper that they sold throughout the city of Phoenix and soon realized it had the potential to be a big national phenomena. It became widely-read and soon Village Voice Media became the parent company to the Phoenix New Times paper that Larkin and Lacey were fully invested in now.

The Phoenix New Times covered a broad range of issues after the Vietnam War which included the rolling out of NAFTA, the aftermath of 9-11, the fallout of Enron, and the financial crisis of 2008. Immigration had always been an included topic in the newspaper, but it became even bigger when Arpaio took the office of sheriff in 1992. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Arpaio was known for using extreme incarceration methods in the Maricopa County Jail including having inmates wear pink, feeding them spoiled food, and even having a tent city in one of the state’s desert prisons.

But his deputies were often ordered to conduct raids on certain immigrant neighborhoods and would unlawfully detain them sometimes. That sparked a long lasting feud between Arpaio and the two journalists that culminated in a long court hearing. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

What happened was along with the stories published about Arpaio’s immigrant arrests and heavy-handed tactics, Larkin and Lacey ran a story about hidden funds he was receiving and it sparked a back and forth between the sheriff’s department and the Village Voice Media offices.

A few years into this story, Arpaio sent his deputies in unmarked vehicles to arrest Larkin and Lacey and seize some of their assets. But the backlash against the sheriff was so strong by what was perceived as an overreach of power, and even a judge ruled that the arrest had been unlawful.

Larkin and Lacey later sued Arpaio and won $3 million in damages that they used to open the Frontera Fund. They’ve seen quite the support for their foundation from people of many political backgrounds.

How NGP VAN Is Helping Democrats Run Political Campaigns In Today’s Digital Age

Undoubtedly, technology has become an invaluable resource in today’s political campaigns. In fact, political mobilization has transitioned from being labor centered to technology centered. Democrats have been using technology for identifying suitable voters and turning them into actual votes. The most notable example of the role of technology and social media in political campaigns was the momentous election and re-election of former president Barrack Obama. Those vibrant, nationwide campaigns were successfully run by NGP VAN, a technology firm that is committed to helping Democrats vying for elective office leverage web and mobile resources for running successful campaigns.

Today, NGP VAN is helping Democrats run their campaigns much faster by providing them with technology-oriented campaign strategies. It recommends effective digital platforms, specifically smartphone-based apps alongside other technologies that Democratic candidates can utilize to enhance voter mobilization, ultimately leading to election victory. One strategy that has helped NGP VAN make campaign work faster is technologically-intensive campaign strategy, which entails utilizing mobile software to connect with prospective voters on the ground. The firm’s technological tools have been crafted not just to make campaigns work faster for Democratic candidates, but further give Democratic candidates a technological advantage in today’s competitive world of technology-oriented political campaigning.


Just to make political campaigns work faster for Democrats, the firm gives Democratic candidates the recent technologically-driven campaign tools to simplify their campaigns. It gives them a great advantage with its technologically-driven campaign model, which substantially helps them in identifying and targeting specific voter blocks. With its new MiniVAN tool, the process of political canvassing is no longer complicated. The firms continued collaboration with various web startups in developing effective technologically-driven tools has greatly enhanced grassroots advocacy. As an effective way of capturing the LGBTQ voters, NGP VAN uses its MiniVAN tool to collect data and identify LGBT voters from their respective workplaces and homes across the country.


NGP VAN has put effective technological measures in place to enable campaigns work faster for Democratic candidates. From web-based tools, software to technologically-oriented campaign models, the firm has invested heavily on technology-centered political campaign models.

Sean Penn Interview About His Novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” is a novel written by the famous actor and Oscar winner, Sean Penn. Sean Penn is greatly known in Hollywood, and all over the world. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” may be a controversial book to many, having many of todays political issues, as well as certain risky and questionable traits his main character possesses, all throughout his novel.

Sean Penn stated that the novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” was inspired by where he feels our country is today. Due to timing and wanting to get “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” out before the big election, Sean Penn had it put out in audiobook before actually having it published on paper.

Risky or not risky, Sean Penn decided to just go with what he felt and had complete freedom in writing, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” People are going to either respond greatly to the novel, or they are going to give it a lot of backlash, whatever other peoples opinions are, Sean Penn just decided to go with how he felt at this time and send it out there.

Sean Penn is a busy man, and this is his first actual novel that he has written, he stated that he tried once to sit down and write a novel, but that never happened because of life interferences. Writing, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” was one of the funniest things that Sean Penn has done, and he wondered why he never did it a long time ago.

Sean Penn also stated that acting, is not what it used to be for him, and that he really doesn’t enjoy it anymore. Sean Penn is interested now in writing more novels, because of the freedom it gives him and because this is something he enjoys doing, whether his stories get published or not, he is definitely going to be writing more novels. Now that Sean Penn is older, he thinks that writing will be a bigger part of his life, and that he wants to get his thoughts out there.

Big Balling As A Hobby: OG Juan Perez

When it comes to big balling we often think of rich celebrities, most notably Rich hip-hop artists. In the background, there was always the lesser-known big ballers. Today, OG Juan Perez has given us a fine example of big-balling as a hobby. Let’s take a look and see just why OG Juan Perez has gained some interesting attention very recently.

As being a close friend and business partner of famous hip-hop icon Jay-Z, OG Juan Perez was with a group of close friends celebrating Roc Nation Sports president at an extravagant night Japanese restaurant called Zuma. Nothing short of luxurious as the price tag was $9,000 on drinks and what has now become a famed receipt, a $91,000 tab at the club. This receipt has made world headlines as well as any other highly purchased item. Aside from having Jay-Z and his famous wife Beyonce on a night out, after the first round of drinks, hip-hop icon Jay-Z and OG Juan Perez amongst four other friends closed down at a famous nightclub. With nothing but time on hand, deep pockets, and a desire for entertainment, this was nothing short of eloquence and lavishness.

When you hear of the $9,000 for drinks, that was just the beginning of the night as OG Juan Perez and Jay-Z amongst others spent a whopping $100,000 in Ace of Spades, this is a champagne that was purchased by Jay in 2014. Being able to experience his own luxurious cognac D’USSE, that is made in Mexico, Jay-Z along with OG Juan Perez had a very interesting time as the media was getting ready to receive such a blast of newsworthy stories. Being able to celebrate with such a phenomenal figure as Jay-Z, OG Juan Perez is nothing short of a man in the background who understands just why big balling is a hobby.

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A look at ways Fortress Investment Group is growing

As soon as SoftBank Corporation purchased Fortress Investment Group, it became a private sector. After they spent a lot of years in the public sector things were to change someday. For 3.3 billion that’s how much the US asset manager was bought. After the purchase, the people that ensured that Fortress stayed at the top are Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Bridger. For the operation that Fortress will carry out will be under SoftBank. At New York, it will offer their services as an independent company. The business that the SoftBank were used too was not the same as they were worked with Fortress. SoftBank that is based in Japan has an excellent reputation as a firm that will invest in the sector of telecommunications and the technology.

The founder of the firm is in a belief that it has the best opportunities for enlarging the scope they had in business.The competence that Fortress Investment Group has is that they are excellent when it comes to the acquisition and mergers. They are well versed when comes to the structuring of the investments and execution of the same. To get the best result then they work hand in hand with the stakeholders on the board of directors. In every industry that Fortress Investment Group will work with will ensure that at the end of the day they have the exceptional knowledge. In different sectors, they have nurtured the relationship that they get. In the capital, finances and real estate assets they will have the needed significant experience. When it comes to the assets they have determined the prices, financed and owned them over the years.

In the equity and debt capitals markets, they have made the inroads that have enabled them to offer the low cost for different investors to be able to invest. Through the social media, the customers will have the opportunity of monitoring how Fortress Investment Group is performing. The customer first policy that Fortress has is what stemmed the use of social media. The group has made possible that the clients will know of the growth the company is making when it comes to the real estate, energy, healthcare sector, transportation and many other sectors. The relationship that they have with clients is possible because through social media the clients can share the view that they have and the feedback. At the end, the service that they offer is delivered on time and results received are better.

Dr. Saad Saad’s extra ordinary career

Dr. Saad Saad is currently retired in his home in Redbank, New Jersey. Dr. Saad Saad boasts a 34-year tenure as an American Pediatric Surgeon and four and a half year practice in Riyadh at Saudi Royal Hospital, stretched from his intended one year.


It is a story of a Palestinian immigrant in the United States from a family of eight children working to save children and gaining repute as pediatric surgeon on demand, even serving as Surgeon in Chief and a Co-Medical Director at Hackensack Meridian Hospital Healthcare Center.


Dr. Saad Saad mostly practiced in New Jersey at Jersey Shore Hospital, Monument Medical Center Lon Campus Branch among others where he also attained the Patent’s Choice Award and Compassionate Doctor Recognition award both in 2014.


He spent his early life in Kuwait where he was born and did his early education before getting a scholarship to pursue his degree in medicine in Cairo, then proceeded to do an internship in England. He then specialized his skill under residency programme in Surgery in the United States.


He did this under a strict and rigorous curriculum. He was undeniably brilliant and ambitious evident from his accomplishments in medical school his inspiration to separate himself from poverty he contended with in his early years.


His fluency in both English and Arabic obliged him to accept the request to practice in Saudi Royal Hospital in Riyadh despite the inconvenience it would subject his family of four children to due to traveling.


He practiced many pediatric surgical procedures, simple to complex ones to both needy and affluent children. He aspired to serve all equally despite their differences in race,gender, and social class.


Dr. Saad performed thousands of free complex surgeries on four medical missions in the United States and eight mission hospitals in Jerusalem. He used his experience to improve traditional methods to new developed surgical procedures.


He’s developed an endoscopic suction machine and also enhanced unilateral inguinal hernia laparoscopic repair techniques. He performed the first aneurysm repair on the youngest patient and researched secondary gastrointestinal tumors following primary neuroblastomas in children.


He says he is happy to use surgery to help others and also imparting knowledge to others both patients and students through lectures and talks. He pioneered medical school learning in Saudi Arabia after to limit students seeking medical schools training from other countries.



What made him a successful surgeon he says is his organization, at both personal and institutional level which he insists to his learners.


Before surgery, he opts to review his patients prudently then evaluate his procedure of choice taking note of the obstacles he’ll encounter and


During surgery, he refrains from distractions like personal conversations or loud music. He also insists on surgeons having long and restful periods of sleep and good breakfast before surgery. Learn more:

Mina Ebrahimi Took a Palatable Passion to a Successful Business

Giving back, whether it’s to her employees, the community, or the fabulous foods she so passionately prepares; Mina Ebrahimi is a role model for women entrepreneurs. Mina took a passion for cooking and turned it into a successful full service catering business.

Mina’s passion for cooking and delivering delicious delicacies began at an early age. At eleven Mina began working in her parent’s bakery, located in Seven Corners, VA. It was there that she honed in on more than her cooking talents, she learned the value of impeccable customer service, a skill that has become the cornerstone of her business. Mina continued to run her parents business Saint Germain Café until the young age of 26 when she then branched out and began her own catering business, Saint Germain Catering, located in Vienna, VA.

Saint Germain Catering launched specializing in corporate catering, weddings and special events. Mina’s commitment to customer service and fine foods allowed her to quickly transform Saint Germain into a full service catering business, now employing 32 full time staff. The rapid expansion of her business is a testimony of her dedication to her staff and her customers.

Whether looking to cater a small lunch or a dazzling ballroom banquet Saint Germain Catering has been the premier catering company for locals. Mina has been recognized for her commitment and smart business ethics receiving a number of awards including The Enterprise Women of the Year Award and The Washington Business Journal’s Prestigious “Top 40 under 40” Annual List.

Over the years catering companies have opened and closed while Saint Germain continues to build its business. In addition to recruiting top talent, Mina has been intentional in her strategy to grow Saint Germain through one site rather than multiple locations. Mina has proven to be a successful businesswoman in what often times can be a very challenging industry. She is a true testament to what dedication and hard work can accomplish.

For those who are not near Saint Germain, check out their blog where Mina and her team share their tips and tricks for fabulous meals and entertaining.

Mina Ebrahimi the the Success of Saint Germain Catering

Success in catering for Mina Ebrahimi was not easy. She is someone that has managed to connected with a plethora of different people after transformed her company into one that provided full service catering. With a team of sous chefs and a pastry chef that provide delectable meals it has been easier for Mina Ebrahimi to embrace the world of catering with a passion that has led her to winning awards in the business world.

The thing that may have become the driving force for Ebrahimi is her parents. She was able to see the pleasure that her parents had in baking. She was also able to see their strong work ethic because she started working there at their bakery at the age of 11. It was inside of this environment that she learned about customer service. Once she figured out how to meet the needs of her customers it was only going to be a matter of time before made a name for herself with her own business.

Catering must have been in her blood because she continued to run the café that her parents started. Mina would do this during her adult years, but she would eventually transition into her own company. Catering is where she would toss her hat into the ring. This would be the thing that allowed her to provide food for various events like weddings and luncheons. This is something that Mina seems to be very passionate about. This passion has allowed her to acquire so much success in other areas of her life.

Her passion for catering helped create a sponsorship with McBaine. This sponsorship of a cancer detecting dog like McBaine has helped with early cancer detection methods. Mina has a personal blog and a growing staff. She has a lot of different connections to supporting non-profits and this is all because she dared to pursue her dreams to have a catering business.

Mina realized that she contributed to the success of her parents in the café they started. Now she realizes that her employees contributes to her success so she believes in empowering them.