OSI Industries Demonstrates Best Leadership Skills In The Region

OSI Group partners is an internationally recognized food provider with branches in different part of Europe. It is among the largest private food providers in Europe and the world. It has enormous financial capabilities, resources and good infrastructure which makes it be the best in the region. OSI industries are renowned for its quality custom foods in various parts of the world.

In 2016, the company won the prestigious Globe of Honor Award. The British Council presented the award due to its exceptional management of environmental risks. It was among the 18 company companies which were awarded this prestigious Award. The awarded is always given to the companies which have demonstrated comprehensive environmental management skills. OSI food solutions managed to achieve the required standard by the British Safety Council in order to win such a prestigious award. The council always carries out an environment management audit and select the companies which have met the standards set for the award. The ability of the company towards managing the environment can also be seen throughout the business. The British Safety Council through the Chair, Lynda Armstrong, congratulated the company for winning the Award. She also applauded the leading organizations for adopting an integrated approach that treats both health and safety equally, hence making the operations of those organizations more sustainable.

OSI Industries leadership was a pillar in ensuring that the company wins such an award. The managerial staff of the company and the top leadership are key to such achievements. The company inspires its employees through the excellent leadership and motivates them to put safety fast by taking care of their working environment. The journey to achieving such an accolade was a result of teamwork among the staff of the companies. The company has won the Globe of Honor in 2013 and 2015. It is, therefore, a clear indication that the company is a worldwide leading organization which cares about the environment when performing its business.

The company also acquired the Baho foods. The purchase of Baho foods has helped to broaden the company’s presence in Europe. The five subsidiaries of the Baho foods will enable OSI to reach about 18 European countries. It also means an additional processing plant in Germany and Netherlands. The company retained the managing director of Baho foods, John Balvers, and his staff. This will help the company to strategize with experienced staff on developing a growth strategy for the two combined companies. The Baho foods will leverage the OSI’s resources and infrastructure in achieving a broad product portfolio.

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