Milan Kordestani making changes in farming through Milan Farm

Milan Kordestani lived at Stanford, California and that’s the same place that he grew at while attending the Phillips Brooks Elementary school. After the parents divorced that’s was the reason why they moved to London, England. At an early age of ten years, that’s when the interest of riding the horses began. In 2017, he decided that he wanted to move and he moved to Bay area where he graduated at the Sacred Heart Preparatory. Which later while on the runaway horse trail he was thrown off the horse. There are so many things that he has achieved, but one that has set his career on the right path is when he founded the Milan farms.

He offers his services at Milan farm as the CEO of the company, though he still provides his services to the San Francisco Area student and Huffington Post through his writing. When he founded Milan farm, he planned that he would use the farm so that to get the organic way and system of raising the poultry and for the 100% pure saffron they were to grow them through the natural method. Currently, the farm has worked hard to have the saffron eggs as the produce the eggs will be of mint, organic range, and free range.

The method that is used in the Milan farm to raise the poultry is the transparency, and the organic option is what is used in the growing of the plants. The thing that Milan Kordestani ensures that he practices together with his team is that if the client approached them knowing what they do, then what they should receive is the most honest opinion from the staff members. It means that the client should know of every detail that has been used to raise the plant and animals. That’s has been helpful in growing the business on daily bases, and they still try their level best to come up with means that they can use to better their product. The research that is being carried by Milan Kordestani for the hydroponic method and he is working so hard to get all the information needed about hydroponics.

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