MB2 Dental Founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva

MB2 Dental is a unique dental management practice network founded by the dental visionary, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. Dr. Villanueva combined the best of large group practices and private practice to form MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental places the utmost priority on the treatment of its patients and the respect and the equitable consideration and compensation of its doctors.

MB2 Dental built in an indelible infrastructure that grew with the company and has withstood trials and tribulations as the company continues to grow. Integrity is always placed over any obstacle that might present itself in the course of business. Even with over 533 network employees, 70 locations in six states, the integrity built dynamically into the infrastructure survives and thrives.

MB2 Dental built each of its network components by starting with excellent personnel. Each location is headed by the most talented dentist Villanueva could recruit. The local community-based dental practices are headed by the ideal professionals that represent the standards that MB2 Dental promotes. MB2 Dental’s professionals use in their daily activities the best elements of group practice combined with the best of private practice.

MB2 Dental runs smoothly because it has embraced the benefits yielded by IT. As a company, they have taken the time to design a program that best meets all their needs. It’s used universally among their network of offices, so there is a consistency as you move from one office in the network to another. Their dental services are state-of-the-art and their record keeping is up-to-date.

By focusing on the innate needs of the patient and the doctor, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva addresses the need for autonomy, creativity and successful treatment of the patient’s issues. MB2 provides support for its dentists. It promotes personal growth and fun in the workplace. This makes MB2 a welcoming place for dentists and patients alike.

MB2 prides itself on being a network that encourages and offers the most technically advanced dentistry techniques. It is entrenched in a youthful culture where dentists can learn from each other and they work in an environment that offers solutions to HR issues, legal concerns, payroll problems, compliance and marketing challenges.

MB2 takes bi-annual company trips to further solidify the bond between its growing numbers of dental professionals. Past trips have been to locations for white-water rafting and to Cabo San Lucas. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva sees MB2 as the dental network of the future. Though it exists today, it is one of the first of its kind. Because of its prosperity, perhaps others will use it as a model in order to reap the same or even greater success.