Malcolm CasSelle of OpSkins Creates WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is one of the key members of the group behind OPSkins, a virtual marketplace for cosmetic skins or overrides for certain video games. Malcolm CasSelle has now created his own company with a similar, but wider scale business model.

WAX is a central hub for players of all games, and for people who don’t even play video games. Through WAX, their customers are able to exchange almost any type of currency for a new currency called WAX Tokens. Once the consumer has WAX Tokens they can trade for virtual goods or exchange the WAX Tokens for real cash.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur who hold degrees from MIT and Stanford University in computer science. His first major venture was Netnoir and in 2012 he was named Chief Executive Officer of Xfire, which some say is one of the predecessors to Steam and GOG interfaces. His experience in the video game and tech worlds made him a perfect fit for OPSkins and WAX.

Video games are not his only business activities. He is also CTO of New Ventures at tronc, a media publishing company that handles operations for some of the nation’s most trusted name in print news.

About WAX

WAX is a platform similar to eBay where other users are offered a safe and secure platform to set up their own markets. WAX was created to serve the video community in their trading of virtual assets. WAX uses blockchain technology that allows anyone to be able to exchange their virtual currencies for real cash.

Once you decide to use WAX, you will be given a widget that can lay over any other program on your computer, including games. This tool allows you to do all of your video game trading without ever leaving the game or minimizing the window.