Jacob Gottlieb Has Been Incredibly Successful As A Hedge Fund Manager

Jacob Gottlieb is a man that found himself on two different successful paths in his lifetime, one in medicine, and one in business. There was a time when Jacob Gottlieb just wanted to help others and be successful while doing it, which is what drove him to medicine in the first place. Also, his mother had chosen a similar field before him. After high school, Jacob set his sights on being a doctor, but just before he was fully fledged, he decided he wanted to get into finances like he enjoyed while he was young.

Jacob Gottlieb gave up medicine and went to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island to earn an economics degree. Jacob graduated with flying colors and began his financial career, getting jobs at various corporations in the region. Jacob spent years building up his experience and when he had the funds and the right idea, he started up a company with some other people known as Visium. Visium is an asset management firm that currently manages 8 billion dollars worth of capital. Jacob has attributed to the company’s success over the past 10 years as a hedge fund manager, turning millions into billions, which is no small feat.

Despite becoming an investor and focusing on business for his career, Jacob never gave up on helping others, which is why he is an active philanthropist throughout his community. Jacob has been donating to aid children all over the country for years through charitable donations going to places such as Math for America and the Covenant House. Whether its helping children live a better life or receive a better education, Jacob Gottlieb contributes whatever he can to help the cause for the next generation of leaders.