How NGP VAN Is Helping Democrats Run Political Campaigns In Today’s Digital Age

Undoubtedly, technology has become an invaluable resource in today’s political campaigns. In fact, political mobilization has transitioned from being labor centered to technology centered. Democrats have been using technology for identifying suitable voters and turning them into actual votes. The most notable example of the role of technology and social media in political campaigns was the momentous election and re-election of former president Barrack Obama. Those vibrant, nationwide campaigns were successfully run by NGP VAN, a technology firm that is committed to helping Democrats vying for elective office leverage web and mobile resources for running successful campaigns.

Today, NGP VAN is helping Democrats run their campaigns much faster by providing them with technology-oriented campaign strategies. It recommends effective digital platforms, specifically smartphone-based apps alongside other technologies that Democratic candidates can utilize to enhance voter mobilization, ultimately leading to election victory. One strategy that has helped NGP VAN make campaign work faster is technologically-intensive campaign strategy, which entails utilizing mobile software to connect with prospective voters on the ground. The firm’s technological tools have been crafted not just to make campaigns work faster for Democratic candidates, but further give Democratic candidates a technological advantage in today’s competitive world of technology-oriented political campaigning.


Just to make political campaigns work faster for Democrats, the firm gives Democratic candidates the recent technologically-driven campaign tools to simplify their campaigns. It gives them a great advantage with its technologically-driven campaign model, which substantially helps them in identifying and targeting specific voter blocks. With its new MiniVAN tool, the process of political canvassing is no longer complicated. The firms continued collaboration with various web startups in developing effective technologically-driven tools has greatly enhanced grassroots advocacy. As an effective way of capturing the LGBTQ voters, NGP VAN uses its MiniVAN tool to collect data and identify LGBT voters from their respective workplaces and homes across the country.


NGP VAN has put effective technological measures in place to enable campaigns work faster for Democratic candidates. From web-based tools, software to technologically-oriented campaign models, the firm has invested heavily on technology-centered political campaign models.