End Citizens United Sets Sights On Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is currently being run by President Tiffany Muller. Muller has the unenviable task of charging the behemoth that is dark money in Washington D.C. Muller can see as clear as day the way that dark money has been perverting the American government and she can also see that it dates back to a specific moment in time, the 2010 Supreme Court case regarding a lawyer named James Bopp and his conservative group named Citizens United.

While nobody ever cheers to hear about regulations and rules we have to come to the understanding that they are there for a reason — especially at the highest levels of our American government. Campaign finance regulations have always been important because they separate the billionaires from the political machine, keeping politicians separate and allowing them to work for the people rather than the next paycheck. Under the auspices of ‘freedom’ James Bopp and Citizens United attacked these regulations with alacrity, thus opening the doors for more millionaires and billionaires to come flooding into United States politics. The results were predictably awful: Washington D.C. is completely beholden to dark money.

Since the 2010 Supreme Court decision we have seen a decline in political discourse at the highest levels of our government. We’ve seen Washington become more partisan than ever and now people aren’t even remotely interested in working across the aisle. The reason is pretty simple: dark money has corrupted the very work going on in our nation’s capital and it is an important problem to notice and rectify. This is where End Citizens United is coming to make a big difference.

End Citizens United was established with the firm and justified goal of repealing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. The team at End Citizens United knows that this is a longshot battle and that they have to move financial mountains in order to make it happen. For this reason primarily we have seen Muller and her team go to the American people in order to raise funds to attack the goal.

The election of Donald Trump served as a waking up moment for many Americans who had previously been apathetic. His rise to the top office in the entire world was enough to rattle people into justified anger and this turned eventually into action. End Citizens United is aiming to earn $35 million in order to support politicians who are in favor of campaign finance reform. The 2018 congressional races are rapidly coming and with them the time for change. End Citizens United has already raised $4 million of their goal and with continued enthusiasm and support from the American people they should make their goal.