Unicorn Hair Dye: 6 Awesome Hairstyle Looks To Try

Are you a loyal unicorn of Lime Crime? With its cult following, it’s no wonder that many people across social media are obsessed with the new stunning unicorn hair dye colors. This line of hair dye is semi-permanent, cruelty-free, and 100% unique. If you are at a loss of a new hairstyle to try, here are a few recommendations which include some of the new original unicorn hair dye colors.

  1. The first look is a short hairstyle that is a little under the chin. With a nice wave and blunt bangs, any color would go well. However, we recommend using Kawaii, which is a gorgeous purple.
  2. For the second look, we recommend the side ponytail in the color Tweet, which is a bright yellow. This will give off a look reminiscent of Barbie. Make sure to wear a pair of eye-catching studs that will help to make this look stand out.
  3. You can never go wrong with straight and sleek! For this style, we recommend Aesthetic, which is a rich maroon color. If you want to add a little spice, try wearing a fashionable floral headband.
  4. Have you ever tried the Rapunzel look? If you want to look like a Disney princess, brush your hair and then tie it in small sections that are puffed for volume. We would recommend Tweet once again, but this style would look fabulous with Mint Ice, which is a gorgeous green shade. It should be noted, however, that you should have long hair in the first place before attempting this look.
  5. If you want to look like a mermaid, try the long waves behind the ears look. The color Cloud, which is a periwinkle blue, will really help to achieve that mermaid look. Mint Ice would look fabulous as well.
  6. The polished side part is certainly an elegant look. Consider using Bubblegum Rose and you will give off the appearance of a true princess.

Lime Crime is an incredible cosmetic brand that creates innovative yet beautiful makeup and hair products. With these hairstyles in the new unicorn hair dye shades, you will be a unicorn on earth.