How Celebrities Are Investing In Livio Bisterzo’s Healthy Snack Company

     Hippeas is a brand of healthy chickpea puff snacks which is now sold across the United States. The company is the brainchild of founder Livio Bisterzo who wanted to offer a brand of snacks that people could feel good about eating. It is also increasingly backed by celebrities who see the value of the brand such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

In July of 2015, DiCaprio and the private equity firm Strand Equity Partners teamed up to invest in Green Park Brands Inc., the company that Livio Bisterzo founded. As chief executive officer of the company, Bistrerzo said he couldn’t disclose how much was invested in his company but did say that to date he has raised $2.5 million in funding. Some of this money was also raised by angel investors as well as his friends who deeply believe in the product.

The Hippeas brand was launched in March 2016. For the year it generated $2.5 million in revenues. The brand is on pace to sell $11 million worth of product in 2017 according to Bisterzo. He has said that, even though he is just 36, he has developed a wealth of experience in launching new products. He has also built a network of connections which helps him promote the brand and get it into stores. So far his leadership has led to the brand being available at Albertsons, Starbucks, and Vons. Later in 2017 it will be available in Target and Kroger stores as well. He also sells Hippeas in grocery stores in the United Kingdom.

Hippeas are a premium brand which is sold in 1-ounce sized bags. The cost for each bag is $1.95 at Starbucks. Healthy snacks made from nutritionally rich ingredients such as chickpeas, kale, spinach, and sweet potatoes are a growing trend in the industry. One analyst, Norman Deschamps, says that he expects growth in this food segment to be 8% for the year.

Livio Bisterzo is originally from Italy. Before moving to the United States he lived in the UK and acquired his university education there. He has been the founder of a number of companies including Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles.

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Protecting Wealth with Agora Financial

Through the fun animated Youtube video, “Welcome to AGORA Financial”, the company easily states what they stand for and how they help their clients. Agora helps its clients protect and grow their wealth. There are over 20 subscriptions Agora Financial has to help people find companies poised for rapid growth, learn more about generating income, and how to use wealth protection strategies correctly. The unbiased and independent company helps people by finding new ideas and media instead of leading them to what is mainstream and expensive. They travel to do their own research in hopes of finding new profitable content. They find the most qualified people to join their team in order to help people with any and every problem that may arise. Agora has even thrived during major crisis because of their bold predictions about what future events could occur. The most attracting aspect of the whole short video is how every area ties back to “Bob” who is just an everyday guy ready for retirement.
Agora Financial is an independent publisher of investment research and has come out on top. They have subscribers all over the world that are attracted by the unique qualities this company holds compared to others. Agora strives to promptly resolve any issues for their subscribers and hold onto a closer relationship than their mainstream competitors. They have been a leading innovator in the financial publishing industry for over 25 years due to their research and predictions on the economical crisis. Their recognition from dozens of media sources is astronomical because of the hard work they put into everything they do.
Bill Bonner founded Agora’s parent company, Agora Inc., in 1979 and has watched it grow into the hard working industry that it is today. They have even received multiple preservation awards because of their determination in holding onto their architectural and cultural heritage and original views through all these years. Agora Financial keeps finding more ways to improve without joining in with the mainstream crowd. This team wants their subscribers to be able to have more control over their money and where it goes and it seems they have succeeded with flying colors.

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How Agora Financial Can Educate You on Investment Decisions

Agora Financial is an incredible resource for unbiased and independent literature about investing your money safely in an ever evolving financial marketplace. Many of us know the importance of saving throughout our life for our retirement and building a nest egg so we can live comfortably through retirement.

However, many of us do not have the proper knowledge and experience in the financial sector to know exactly how to invest that money we have saved. That’s where Agora Financial comes in. Agorda Financial is a global company that spends over a million dollars annually sending its agents all over the world to determine the latest viable trends in the investment market as well as doing unbiased research to provide us with access to literature to help us educate ourselves and make smarter investing decisions with our hard earned money.

Agora Financial recently released a very easy to understand explainer video on YouTube showcasing exactly how their process works and what they have to offer. For those of us who are visual learners, this is an incredible tool to check out prior to digging into Agora Financial’s publications on their website.

The video begins with a real life scenario of a dentist who has worked hard to save but does not know where to invest and also is wary of investment brokers who might keep the money to afford themselves a commission without truly working hard on behalf of their cliients. It then explains the bredth of Agora Financial’s reach, with over 1 million readers coming to their website to read their publications. Next it explains how they do their research and the lengths they go to to provide the highest quality publications, research and data for us to make the best possible investment decisions. Finally, it invites you to view the publications online and educate yourself prior to making your investment decisions.

Honey Birdette; the Brand to Rekindle Your Bedroom Fire

The Australian lingerie brand, the Honey Birdette has launched an e-commerce site in the United States. The firm has a plan to increase its portfolio in the United Kingdom by growing its branches from three to forty by next year.


The brand founded by Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane decided on increasing its online sales by 374 percent in one year. The new platform is designed to ensure that clients can get a superior experience. Monaghan says that the brand has increased the number of SKU’s it offers in the US market. The delivery time has also significantly improved.


The brand has its target on penetrating the retail market in the US. The firm hopes to increase its presence in the UK. By the end of this year, the company expects to have opened at least ten stores in the United Kingdom. Currently, the brand has only 55 retail stores in Australia its home market.


The Honey Birdette brand was created by two friends in 2006. They were having a chat over a glass of champagne. In their conversation, they were infuriated by the fact that they could not find anything provocative about lingerie to talk about. They made a vow to revolutionize the Australian bedrooms by injecting a new sense of sensuality. The two were ready to start the journey of making the best bras, panties, and thongs that will leave their clients pleased.


The Honey Birdette is a brand that you do not want to miss. From the high-end sex toys to the sexy lingerie, Honey Birdette will give you the guidance and products that you need to get to the pleasure parlor. Make a date with the brand and enjoy the various range of bespoke fun accessories. These a treasure of amusements to get you to the brink and farther beyond.

Read All About the World’s Most Powerful Online Activist Organization, Avaaz

Want to know what the most powerful and largest online global activist network is, according to the leading newspaper The Guardian? It is called Avaaz, and it was started around a decade ago, in 2007. Avaaz is a Persian word that means song. It is related to the word voice in the English language, and many other languages have related words. It focuses on promoting issues such as animal rights, human rights, and climate change.

Avaaz is a joint venture by and Res Publica. Service Employees Financial Union also played a role in supporting Avaaz. These are the organizations that helped found it. The individuals behind Avaaz are Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser, and many others. The last three, along with Ben Brandzel, serve on the board. Ricken Patel has a long history of activism, as he worked for organizations such as International Crisis Group. He also volunteered for Ricken said that Avaaz has no ideology per se. Instead, it just focuses on bringing people together and closing the gap between people all around the world. He says Avaaz aims at uniting idealists from around the world.

Avaaz has accomplished a lot since it was founded. For one, they helped get the no-fly zone established over Libya. They helped start the uprising in Syria against the dictator Assad. They helped activists in Iran set up internet proxies during the election there to circumvent government censorship. They trained activists all over the world, and they sent a million and a half dollars worth of internet equipment to activists in Syria. They helped evacuate a British reporter who was wounded. They developed a tool for the 2016 presidential election in the United States that helped people register online to vote. They help set up online petitions and email campaigns for various issues.

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Madison Street Capital Taking The Lead in the Financial Sector

Being among the leading International investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital is an exclusive financial advisor in arranging investment portfolios for its clients. Madison Street Capital understands that all its customers are unique, and it carefully analysis the clients and gives the best recommendation. The company was founded in 2005, and it is in the common market to provide business valuation, corporate advisory, financial opinions and reports to the common market.

The firm seeks to provide the best acquisitions and mergers advice services to their clients by understanding the business first. This is the key to providing the accurate status of the company’s future opportunities and its current status. Learn more:

Middle market business owners found it hard to get the right financial advisor that understood their challenges. With the Many investment banks today, the corporates can find it hectic in selecting the firm that will meet their needs. Madison Street Capital will help a business with sound exit strategies, favorable lending, acquisitions as well as investment banking. The Firm boasts of an excellent reputation and has managed to be a leader in financial services in the com class on the market.

Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia, North America, and Africa. The company is a world leader in issuing mergers and acquisition advisory and also valuations services and is knowledgeable in the corporate governance both internationally and domestic. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital has the know-how, extensive relationship, and experience to match its clients as well as the capability to find the appropriate finance in capitalization structure to each customer.

Madison Street Capital has a team of trained professionals that have extensive relationship networks and experience, making it be one of the world’s most premiere in middle market investment and advisory firms. The professionals can capitalize and appropriate finances to suit each client’s situation.

Based in Virginia, Alexandria, the firm uses a national networking system to it partners to mobilize to the local communities. Madison Street Capital thrives in building strong business connections. It is currently actively involved in philanthropy of organizations like the United Way that helps change the livelihood of the communities. Learn more:

Experience is what makes the difference in the finance world. Madison Street Capital understands these principles and is careful in giving recommendations and analysis of their clients business. For business owners looking for a financial advisor, I highly recommend Madison Street Capital reputation has a history of excellence in the investment banking world.

Omar Yunes Is An Innovator In Franchise Management

Omar Yunes is an investor as well as entrepreneur of Mexico. He represents the Sushi Itto here. He is a great Franchise as he is the winner of several awards in Best Franchisee of the World competitions. These are competitions that are held annually. Hence it is clear that he is a great entrepreneur.


Omar Yunes has interest mainly in the food business. He is operating over 13 franchises of Sushi Itto. This is close to 10% of the company. These are located in places like Veracruz, besides Mexico City, as well as Puebla.


He is known to be quite an aggressive person. This is a feature of his that has enabled him to market his products in an effective manner and reach the position in which he is today.


Omar Yunes is an effective entrepreneur. This is because he has significant control and knowledge of the food industry. Hence he is able to run a profitable business.


He is a successful businessman who motivates his employees with his success. In this way they help him to achieve the goals of his organization. He knows that it is important to focus on the goals. Omar Yunes has a clear vision. He has set strategies that will help him to work towards achieving those set goals.


Omar Yunes has experience in this industry. Hence he knows about the best strategies to be used in order to become successful in this business. He knows that it is a competitive business. He needs to put in hard work as well as commitment in order to achieve all goals. He wants the best for his business as well as for his employees. Hence he keeps on motivating them to do their best. This will help his business to earn more rewards too.


Omar Yunes is a highly successful entrepreneur. He has managed to create over 400 jobs in his 13 units. He ensures that his employees are doing their best at work. Under his leadership, a strong network has been developed to implement all business strategies and be a winner.

The Mission of Avaaz and Creating Global Change

Established in 2007, Avaaz is a non-profit organization originating in New York that focuses on activism efforts around the globe. With its name deriving from a word meaning “song” or “voice”, the organization has promoted awareness on issues such as climate change, animal rights, and poverty. The groups and Res Publica were both instrumental in creating Avaaz, with additional backing from the Service Employees International Union. In addition to activism, Avaaz also supports independent journalism in areas of conflict.

The campaigning conducted by Avaaz consists of a team that manages the strategies in over 30 different countries. They work to create activism in various regions of the world by reaching out to members via email, spearheading online public petitions, and expediting the process of contacting local leaders. Areas that have seen influence by Avaaz include the United Kingdom, Brazil, and India. Though the campaign ideas are primarily suggested by community members, other specialists weigh in on what efforts to pursue.

Operating without profit incentive, Avaaz relies heavily on its base of thousands of volunteers to carry out the petitions and campaigns that are created. This group works in 15 different languages and on six of the world’s continents, with tasks that include calling or emailing government officials to stress concerns and organizing rally events. Since 2009, Avaaz has been able to exist exclusively on the generosity of individuals and continues to do so at the present time.

Notable efforts from Avaaz include the petition from 2012 that contributed towards freedom of content on the internet without intervention from government censorship or corporate manipulation. This petition received 2.8 million signatures and has been one of the most successful displays of activism from the group. Avaaz was also actively involved in campaigning to shift away from fossil fuels in the Paris Climate Accord.

AGORA can help protect your wealth

Senior citizens who recently retired often deal with the stresses of not knowing how they will finish the rest of their life. Finances are unpredictable, and it is nearly impossible to figure out what kind of expenses one will be dealing with several years down the road.

Recently retired seniors are going to want to make sure that the investments they made throughout their lives are going to provide them a comfortable living for the rest of the time they are on this planet. Some (less reliable) brokers only look to cash in more commission checks.

Planning out finances can cause a big headache. There are several wealthy individuals and government agencies that are going to live off of retired citizens life savings.

AGORA financial is one of those companies that can help you protect your earnings. They offer a variety of educational books, publications, and seminars to help people learn how to better protect their savings. There are already over a million active readers that take advantage of what AGORA has to offer. Managing money is an important skill. AGORA is a great source of information for the people that struggle with managing their finances.

There are twenty-seven different publications posted online for readers to navigate their way through various parts of the market. All of the research acquired by AGORA is independent and unbiased. They do not take any bribes from other companies. The writers and analysts that work for AGORA are not your typical employees trapped in a cubicle all day. They are always traveling around the United States gathering information from a direct source.

AGORA has been leading the financial advice industry for more than two decades. With the help of resources and partnerships, they can help their customers make the best investment choices. AGORA is dedicated to helping its clients solve any of their financial problems that pop up on any given day. They do an excellent job of summarizing peoples current financial situations.

Honey Birdette Eyeing Expansion into UK and US Markets

Honey Birdette was the first sensuality boutique in Australia, and after winning over the country is now looking to launch headfirst into the US and UK market. Honey Birdette has its eyes on world domination with plans to expand from three stores in the UK to 40 by the close of 2108. They also just launched an e-commerce site just for the US and if it performs well it is reasonable to think that retail expansion may be the next option.

They already know they have a customer base in the US, as the brand a 37% increase in online sales to the USA in just the past year. Given the company has only been open since 2006; this is a pretty massive accomplishment. In response, founder Eloise Monaghan decided to launch a US excusive platform that will make it easier for customers to order and receive their merchandise. US customers using the site will now have faster delivery times, free delivery at a certain purchase price, and a larger range of products to choose from.

As mentioned, Honey Birdette is also fixated on the British retail market and has ten new store openings planned for this year alone. They first opened a flagship shop at Covent Garden in London followed by one in Leeds and Westfield, but now they are getting ready to launch in Stratford, Liverpool, Liverpool, and Newcastle as long as more shops in Westfield and Leeds.

Monaghan is the founder of Honey Birdette and started the company after discussing with a friend that luxury lingerie was something missing from the Australian market. The idea continued to grow in Monaghan’s head eventually leading to the creation of this luxury lingerie and high end sex toy based company.

However, the sensual experience is not just for the bedroom, as Honey Birdette stores serve it up on a silver palate to guests adding to the thrill. Shoppers are treated to champagne and lushly decorate boutiques surrounded by naughty lingerie and toys they can eye privately with a partner or friend.