Jordan Lindsey Talks about the Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

There were just a few people who had heard about cryptocurrencies till a few years back. But as its values increased ten-fold in the last year, it became quite popular among investors. There had been speculations that the price of cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin will increase considerably and it is the main reason why investors have been pouring money into it. There are also people who believe that Bitcoin is a big bubble and it will burst any time soon. They also warned people against investing in Bitcoin because they can lose all their money when the bubble explodes. But, Jordan Lindsey is of the opinion that Bitcoin has great potential and it is unlikely that it is a bubble.


Jordan Lindsey was among the first investors to speak highly of cryptocurrencies when only a few people knew about it and have benefited from it. He has also invested the Bitcoin Growth Bot that uses the Metatrader 4 platform. The bot can be used to develop the lowest risk strategies and to earn profits from Bitcoins. The bot allows the users to invest in Bitcoins and to make money from it. The trading platform was introduced to the users on March 5th of this year. Since its launch, it has got some great reviews from investors and the number of people using it for their investment purpose has been on the rise.

Jordan Lindsey believes in offering practical advice to its clients so that they can make the right choice for themselves. Since trading is not as complicated as many people think, it does need a little research. But, since not everyone has the time to do it, it is essential that they use the tips from experts responsibly. Jordan Lindsey also believes that trading in Forex can be quite beneficial but only if they traders know exactly what they want. Thus, having a financial goal for themselves is essential when people start to trade. Jordan Lindsey has spent years studying the trading market and keeps himself updated on the current trends. He is also the founder of an investment company JCL Capital that works with some big investors in the market.


Greg Secker the Forex Trading expert

 Interview with Greg Secker

Greg Secker says that he has always been about possibilities. He says that there is not a challenge he cannot take up. He has always held that he says yes to things and then figuring out the way around them later. He says this is because he wants to show people that they can make money anywhere at any given time. He says that although he studies food sciences and agriculture at the university, he says that he was also in the financials through selling computers. Through this business he was able to learn how to code. Greg ended up attending a job fair and got a job at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It was here that he was involved in the development of the first online trading platform.

Greg Secker picked his interest in Forex through the Virtual Trading Desk while working at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He got to understand how everything was working through his work in coding. He is involved in charity through his foundation; The Greg Secker Foundation. He uses this foundation to help young people with skills to enable them make a livelihood.

Greg Secker says that he shares his knowledge where speaking at the international arena because he believes that everybody should have access to life changing tools. He says that he want to teach people how to make money so that they can have the ability to make their own choices while living.

He has written a books ‘Financial freedom through Forex’. This is a book that focuses on teaching people how to get through the financial markets. He says that he is in the process of writing another book which will be a guide on how to include philanthropy in everyday life of a business.

About Greg Secker

He has been recognized mainly because of his ability and expertise in foreign exchange. He is also known for founding many companies that include Learn to Trade, Fx Capital among many others. He graduated from University of Nottingham after studying for a degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. He started his careers in Thomas Cook Financial Services but he has also worked at Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President.