Cameron Clokie. The Face Behind Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Clokie is a renowned surgeon specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery, a man who loves science and an industrious entrepreneur. He heads musculoskeletal reconstruction regenerative medicine company; Induce Biologics Inc. He retired from academics in 2017 for private practice. This was after leading the University of Toronto Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department from 1998 and later named the professor of the department. His expertise has landed him various positions of science advisory in multiple companies.

He has invested heavily in bone reconstruction & regenerative medicine. He has researched far and wide on the subject and has, both locally and internationally, published and made presentations on the same.

He is a well sought medical professional for his ingenuity and vast knowledge which had earned him considerable business allies.

Cameron founded a bone research group that has widely researched, evaluated and developed bone regenerative technologies. He aims to substitute the autogenous bone graft with bioimplants. He also maintains a medical health center in Toronto, Ontario that offers Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Russel and seven other patients have successfully undergone through bone regeneration in the hands of Dr. Clokie. Bone regeneration treatment has come to revolutionalize reconstructive surgery.

He has engineered a way that an adult stem cell can transform into a bone tissue through protein stimulation. With this technique, bones can be made to glow as they do in a foetus. Through this, he can reshape the skeletal clock of a damaged jaw to a brand new one identical to the original jaw.

Mount Sinai and Toronto general hospital, where Dr. Cameron Clokie has successfully done the procedures have been very resourceful in helping through the research.

In a U and T conference, Dr.Clokie pointed out that one surgery took nineteen hours of operation, a week in Intensive Care Unit and another in a hospital bed. Another surgery merely took four hours which barely left a scar to the patient who only spent a couple of nights in the hospital.

Dr. Clokie has been applauded by and large for this passion for bone regeneration treatment. The chair for the Canada Research Tissue Engineering has commended him for this very crucial innovation.