The Success Story of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is a well-known figure in the business world. Very many people in the world know him because of the numerous fashion trends he has introduced into the world. The businessman ventured in the corporate world when he was very young, and this means that he has a lot of expertise in investments. Together with his close friend, Adam Goldenberg has worked hard to make sure that all the companies under his name perform well. When Adam met his friend, Don Ressler, he did not know that they were going to form so many investments together. However, thanks to their great minds, there have been many successful brands that were born under their leadership. Most of the companies started by the two focus on technology, consumer demands, and fashion.

When he was just fifteen years old, Adam Goldenberg decided to abandon his education so that he could venture into the business world. Using the little skills he had in technology, the investor started a gaming site that did very well under his leadership. The company, however, was sold to Intermix Media after a short time. The advertising site opened doors for his success in the corporate world. After Intermix Media acquired the company, the businessman decided to remain active, and by the time Adam was twenty years old, he was already one of the leading executives in the institution. His involvement in the business forced him to drop out of school so that he could concentrate on his busy roles.

Adam met his business associate when he was serving at Intermix Media. Ressler also wanted to sell his company to Intermix, and this is how their paths crossed. Ressler was involved in a fitness company, and he wanted to sell it to Intermix so that he could get money to purchase other businesses. Although the duo met many years ago, they do not regret their partnerships. Most of the brands started by the two investors have been doing very well, and they have earned the respect of very many people in the world.

Fabletics is one of the companies that were founded by Adam and his friend. The company specializes in active wear that is designed for the modern woman. The designs from the institution have won the hearts of millions of women living in the United States and other many parts of the world. Kate Hudson has been an influential figure in the fashion company too.