Brown Modelling Agency Offers Talent Gigs For All Kinds Of Individuals



Brown Modeling Agency is a talent agency that is full-service. They represent actors and models whether it be for commercials, film, television, runway, conventions, industrial videos, print, voiceover, catalogue, fashion, corporate or promotional events. Brown Modeling Agency is currently looking for talented models and actors for the upcoming holiday season. Brown Agency is for all different kinds of people as there are many different jobs that each have their own individual requirements. Brown Modeling Agency offers runway and high fashion modeling, commercial print, plus size modeling, commercial television, and real life tv. The requirements for runway and high fashion modeling are much more specific then the requirements are for commercial print. Commercial print requirements depend upon the jobs that are available. Each commercial print job has different requirements in order to provide everyone with an opportunity to show off their talent. Brown Modeling Agency opened its doors in spring of 2010 in Austin, Texas. Some of the talent that is represented by Brown Modeling Agency have worked with some of the biggest brands out there. These brands include Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and many other brand name company’s. The president of Brown Agency Modeling is Justin Brown. Brown Modeling Agency has more than just their location in Austin, Texas. They have locations in Dallas and a presence in Los Angeles, California. Recently Brown Modeling Agency has joined with Heyman Talent- South to make their talent agency not only bigger but also better. All jobs that are given talent that comes from Brown Modeling Agency pay fairly well. Brown Modeling Agency offers open calls between 3-4pm on Thursday’s every week. Open calls are a chance for talented individuals to show their talent for a chance to get picked up by Brown Modeling Agency. However, if you cannot make it to one of their open calls on Thursday’s you can send your information to them through their website. One of Brown Modeling Agency’s tips for models is to never work for an agency for free. Many other talent agencies’ take out mass amounts of fees from their talent’s jobs and it leaves their talent without any money for themselves basically causing talent to feel like they have worked for free. This does not happen at Brown Agency Modeling because they want to make sure that their talent doesn’t feel like they are worth nothing. Brown Agency Modeling is the perfect talent agency for young and older individuals who are looking to get into modeling or acting. Unlike many other modeling agencies, you do not need professional photos to be recognized in the industry of working in talent careers. If you are considering getting into the field of showing off your modeling or acting talents be sure to check out Brown Agency Modeling. For more info, visit