Gregory Aziz Maintains Tradition of Excellence and Giving with National Steel Car

For over 100 years, National Steel Car has been earning its reputation as a sterling provider of freight rail cars across North America. Under its current chairman and CEO, Gregory James Aziz, the company has remained committed to its core values: to honor the past, move forward, focus on quality, and always be leading the pack.

During the last decade, Greg Aziz and his company are the only freight rail provider in North America to have won the annual TTX SECO award consistently, and that has led their customers to know and trust that the company will provide the best quality rail cars on the market.

Greg James Aziz has not always been in the railroad business. He was born in London, Ontario and studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. Then he joined the family business, Affiliated Foods, and for the next sixteen years he and his family became a worldwide food importer, with partnerships in the wholesale food business across Europe, Central, and South America.

Gregory J Aziz then focused on several investment banking opportunities in New York during the late 1980s and eventually organized the purchase of National Steel Car from its previous parent company, Dofasco, in the early 1990s. He has been the president and CEO of the company ever since, and through his leadership, it has proven itself to be both a historical and modern contender of rail freight car distribution across North America.

Within the first five years of ownership at National Steel Car, Greg Aziz ramped up both the employment measures and the production of steel car manufacture at his company. When he bought it in 1994, it employed 600 people and turned out an average of 3,500 steel rail cars per year. By 1999, production had risen nearly four-fold to 12,000 cars and the company employed over 3,000 workers.

Gregory J Aziz and his wife, Irene, are also known for their philanthropic work in Canada. They are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is Canada’s most well-known agricultural fair. In addition, National Steel Car is also deeply committed to its community in Hamilton. They are sponsors of a diverse group of non-profits such as the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army and Theatre Aquarius. Plus, in an annual tradition at National Steel Car’s Christmas Party, the employees participate in a food drive for local food banks.