The Success of Richard Smith as the CEO of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus Technology in July, 2008. His experience, motivation and focus contributed to his immediate rise to the position. His drive enabled him to propel the company to success. Securus Technology grew under his leadership to become one of the leading organizations in the corrections industry. Securus is undisputed because of offering high-quality products and services to its customers.

Rick Smith has an impressive track record, excellent background and a unique skillset. He is experienced in information technology, operations, finance, telecommunication and business development. Smith has exceptional leadership skills that have set him apart in his managerial career.

Rick Smith acquired his associate`s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He graduated from the State University of New York with a bachelor`s degree in engineering. He also acquired his master`s degree in engineering from the same university. He earned a Master of Business Administration from Simo School, at the University of Rochester.

Rick Smith worked in various positions during his time at Global Crossing North America Inc. He served at the organization from 1972 to 1998. He was the controller and chief information officer. Smith also assumed the presidency position at Frontier Information Technologies. He served as the vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations. Before becoming the vice president of the firm, Rick Smith worked as the director of Business Development, the director of Network Plant Operations and the vice president of Financial Management.

Rick Smith started working at Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 1998. He worked as the chief financial officer at the company for two years. He became the company`s president in 2000. He was later promoted to be the CEO in the same year. During this time, Smith increased the firm`s revenue from $30 million to $500 million. He led the firm to a successful IPO in 2005. He worked at the organization until 2007.

Richard Smith was hired by Securus Technologies to become the CEO and president in June, 2008. Smith became the chairman of the company in January, 2009. Global Tel Link was the firm`s biggest competitor while Rich was heading the company. The organization increased its products and services. Securus now owns a domestic call center that is managed by its employees. The call center is 600% better than those of its competitors. The organization has experienced field technicians. It manages the world`s largest VOIP Corrections and calling platform.

Secures Technologies signed purchase documents to acquire JPay Inc., one of the best providers of tablet, email and inmate payment products. This announcement was made in April, 2015. After announcing the acquisition, Securus became the fastest growing company in corrections. The acquisition allows JPay to operate as a subsidiary of Securus. This did not interfere with the firm`s previous operations because JPay continued to offer the same services as before.