Big Balling As A Hobby: OG Juan Perez

When it comes to big balling we often think of rich celebrities, most notably Rich hip-hop artists. In the background, there was always the lesser-known big ballers. Today, OG Juan Perez has given us a fine example of big-balling as a hobby. Let’s take a look and see just why OG Juan Perez has gained some interesting attention very recently.

As being a close friend and business partner of famous hip-hop icon Jay-Z, OG Juan Perez was with a group of close friends celebrating Roc Nation Sports president at an extravagant night Japanese restaurant called Zuma. Nothing short of luxurious as the price tag was $9,000 on drinks and what has now become a famed receipt, a $91,000 tab at the club. This receipt has made world headlines as well as any other highly purchased item. Aside from having Jay-Z and his famous wife Beyonce on a night out, after the first round of drinks, hip-hop icon Jay-Z and OG Juan Perez amongst four other friends closed down at a famous nightclub. With nothing but time on hand, deep pockets, and a desire for entertainment, this was nothing short of eloquence and lavishness.

When you hear of the $9,000 for drinks, that was just the beginning of the night as OG Juan Perez and Jay-Z amongst others spent a whopping $100,000 in Ace of Spades, this is a champagne that was purchased by Jay in 2014. Being able to experience his own luxurious cognac D’USSE, that is made in Mexico, Jay-Z along with OG Juan Perez had a very interesting time as the media was getting ready to receive such a blast of newsworthy stories. Being able to celebrate with such a phenomenal figure as Jay-Z, OG Juan Perez is nothing short of a man in the background who understands just why big balling is a hobby.

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