Dr. Mark McKenna is the true definition of success. He is a licensed medical doctor, a dedicated community servant, an established entrepreneur, and a family man. He started his medical career in New Orleans working with his father after graduating from Tulane University Medical School and simultaneously did physicals for prisoners at a fee in order to be able to raise capital to venture into the real estate industry. He successfully launched McKenna Venture Investments after saving all the money he earned, and it would go on to be profitable. His interest in the real estate would guide him to launch another entity, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc.

Fate not being so kind to his interests, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina swept over New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna witnessed a staggering loss overnight following this tragedy but soon found footing during the rehabilitation process. Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta in 2007 and made a comeback to medicine through ShapeMed, a wellness center dealing with cosmetic treatments. He practiced here until 2015 when he sold ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness which was then publicly traded. He also joined Lifetime as part of the staff for a year.

After ShapeMed, Dr. Mark McKenna launched OVME, a new form of medical aesthetic experience. He explains that OVME is pronounced as “of me” and provides minimally invasive procedures in a variety of skin and facial services like Botox. Other services include weight loss management and testosterone replacement therapy among others. In what Dr. Mark McKenna describes as the uber or Airbnb of medicine, OVME will use an app that will enable them to send doctors to patients to do house calls and virtual consults. He expects this unique innovation to be met with tangible fruition as these are procedures in high demand in the country.

Dr. Mark McKenna says one of the ways he is able to maintain discipline in his practice is visualizing his goals and working towards achieving them. Meditation, he says, enables him to keep focus and his mind fresh as he meditates daily.


Todd Lubar: Teaching the Public How to Save

In the year 1995, Todd Lubar decided to enter the real estate industry. He is confident in his mind that the profession will be his lifetime career. Todd Lubar has seen and read about other professions in the field of finances and investment, and he had the desire to meet them and become his mentors. His primary goal when he was still working at an office is how he can be able to help those who are contacting them. Todd soon decided to enter a mortgage bank and worked for them. Todd Lubar had to study how a mortgage bank works, and he started to like the idea of creating his mortgage bank. Check out Yelp for more.


Todd Lubar decided to increase his advantage versus his competitors when he opened up a new company focusing on the real estate level. In 2002, he established the Legendary Properties, LLC, and started to develop residential projects for his clients. The business that he owned helped thousands of families to simplify the requirements they needed to build or move to a new house. Because of the assistance being given by his company to families who do not have any money to purchase a new home, he was named as one of the most influential business people in the industry. For more details visit Crunchbase.


He had to open several businesses after founding the Legendary Properties, LCC. He wanted his businesses to thrive, so he kept on training himself, and he would always watch shows about investment. Fast forward to the present day; Todd Lubar has been happily using his time to do know more about his career pathway and how he can grow his investments. You can visit Ideamensch to see more.


Todd Lubar is known for his passion for helping the Americans learn how they can properly manage their money. According to several reports, there can be a lot of consequences if the technique shown by Todd Lubar would not work. However, he assured the public that the methods he shared would be fully understandable by everyone, and people would also learn how they can make their money grow just by learning and reading a lot. The Americans are one of the few nationalities on Earth who do not know how to save, and this is what Todd Lubar wanted to change.

José Auriemo Neto a Real Estate Mogul and Luxury Developer

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian businessman that engages in multiple enterprises. He currently serves as the chairman and CEO of JHSF. This is a major real estate company located in Brazil. They have increased the foundation of Brazilian real estate by a hefty percentage and have allowed many families and tourists to enjoy the are. José Auriemo Neto believes in the power of real estate to revitalize an area and he wants to continue developing Brazil. The economy faces a major boost thanks to the jobs he has created and the improvements he has made. It is incredible how impressive his hotels and private apartment complexes are. They are for families or single people. Many tourists have come to Brazil and stayed in these homes. Celebrities and high powered business people have even come to stay inside of his luxury apartments.

The luxury apartments that José Auriemo Neto builds are fitted with the latest appliances and amenities. The lifestyle of luxury is something that he finds very important. This can be seen as a result of his many collaborations with luxury retail brands. The kind of elegance that he offers cannot be found anywhere else. He has created a unique sense of quality in his apartment. The five star hotels come with classy restaurants and bars that offer guests the type of relaxation they are looking for when they travel. The pools are heated and the gym is equipped with the latest exercise gear. The celebrities that have stayed in his hotels are often credited with improving the reputation and assisting with the development of new luxury hotels. To know more about him click here.

José Auriemo Neto has joined forces with some very powerful fashion brands to create his upcoming luxury lines. The retail branch that he is developing will improve the economy by drawing in even more tourism to Brazil. He is doing a service to his country by assisting with the improvement of infrastructure and net growth. The GDP that is generated by José Auriemo Neto’s hotels is a nice amount that the entire country benefits from. He is an amazing entrepreneur and an inspirational developer.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jos%C3%A9-auriemo-neto-8b1910148/