Gregory Aziz: The President & CEO Of National Steel Car

Greg James Aziz studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. A native to London, Ontario, Aziz took an interest in the business world, joining Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business owned by his family, in 1971. Not long after he began to enter the financial industry as well by working on a handful of New York investment opportunities during the 1980s and 1990s. One of those investment opportunities was National Steel Car from Dofasco. Gregory James Aziz had big plans for the company, expanding the Canadian name to a leading railroad manufacturer in North America. He tripled the number of freight cars under the company’s control and he increased the number of employees from 600 to 5000.


Gregory James Aziz is the current President & CEO of one of the world’s largest freight car manufacturing and engineering companies, National Steel Car. National Steel Car is well-known around the world for its commitment to excellence, a factor which has led National Steel Car for the past 100 years. Under Greg Aziz, the railroad company has earned a spotless reputation. Aziz believes that the reason behind the success is how well National Steel Car employees work with each other. With them, the company has been able to become more diverse, innovative, and dynamic than in the past. He is extremely proud of what he and his team have been able to achieve together. Get Additional Information Here.


Gregory James Aziz constantly tries to change how he challenges himself and National Steel Car. By persistently reaching up to raise the bar of company standards, efficiency and quality are also raised. They is how they have become unmatched in the industry. National Steel Car’s relentless pursuit to maintain their number one position has proven to customers that they provide real and meaningful results and relationships. They earn their client’s loyalty. This is just one of the reasons why the company has be honored with the highest quality award from TTX SECO ever since 1996.


Apart from National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz is committed to the communities within Ontario, Hamilton most of all. With the help of the company he has been able to sponsor several charities such as the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. National Steel Car also has a Christmas Party and food drive each year and deliver donations to food banks to help those less fortunate.

To The Top With Greg Aziz At NSC

Born in 1949, James Aziz first attended Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a degree in Economics. After his college life, Aziz joined his father’s company, Affiliated Foods, which dealt with wholesome food importations. By the time he left the company, James Aziz had taken it to international level with a supply chain that ran across Europe and Northern America.


In a quest to find himself, James Aziz moved to New York and got into investment banking. Not only did he expand his clients’ portfolios he also enhanced his own. In the early 1990s, he got the notion of going into business for himself and finally in 1994, James Aziz acquired National Steel Car and set about turning around the fortunes of the dying company. Apart from legal action against it from clients, the company was also penalized heavy fines; these were a consequence of the company’s policy that focused on low-cost production.


When he took over, Greg Aziz made massive investments in the company to boost production and to fulfill this objective; the company had to hire 2,000 new employees. The result was tripling of the annual production capacity from 3,500 railcars to an incredible 12,500. Other than making the company the largest producer of freight cars, the company’s new commitment to the production of highly cost-effective yet safe railcars promoted the company to win the highly coveted TTX SECO Awards for thirteen years running. It is also the only organization of its kind in Northern America to be ISO certified.


As The company soars higher in the corporate world, it has come up with ways to pay back the community which graciously hosts the company’s headquarters. From the Salvation Army to The Aquarius Theatre, NSC also supports the Hamilton Opera and many other charities. Away from the spotlight, Greg Aziz, and his entire family are major sponsors of the equestrian community and have in the past sponsored various classes at the famous “Royal Winter Fair Horseshow”.


With no sign of slowing down, Greg Aziz is set to take NSC to even greater heights. The legacy he has created at the company will go on even after his time. With sheer determination and acute business acumen acquired in his journey through the ranks of the business world, Gregory J. Aziz was able to turn an almost defunct entity into the global leader it is.  See This Article for more information.