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Recently, Stansberry Research has released an article on it being a tough month for Walmart shareholders. In the last quarter of the year, their retail sales dropped to just about 10%, as a result of its sales online not meeting the expectations of the year. This does not mean there will be a downfall with Walmart in the next coming years as a business all together, when you keep in mind, that within a 10 mile radius, there is a Walmart location accessible to nearly all the population in the United States, beating out their competition, Amazon.

Currently Walmart operates over more than 5,400 supercenters and neighborhood markets in America, with 6,250 Sam’s Clubs around the globe, across 27 countries. With the research that Stansberry provides for the public, they make it informative for investors to keep up to date with what’s going on within their field, not just with the financial reports regarding heavy hitters such as Walmart, but a wide spectrum of innovative financial information.