$18 Billion George Soros Donation Shows Where His Priorities Lie

In a recent article in The Atlantic, George Soros explained why he believes the dominance of the capitalist system is not a positive for the long-term future of the global financial markets. Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros studied philosophy with Austrian philosopher Karl Popper after taking a refugee journey from his home nation to the U.K. where he attended the London School of Economics; Popper’s open society theory was developed in response to the rising problem of fascism in the 1930s and remains important in the current right-wing dominated climate. Part of the issue George Soros has with the dominance of capitalism is the fact there are few rivals to this ideology since the end of socialism as a major option in mainstream politics in the early 1990s.

Many of the claims made by George Soros have left him open to attack from the conservative members of society in the U.S. and around the world because of his liberal viewpoint which sets him apart from those with a more conservative point of view. After announcing the recent donation of $18 billion to his own Open Society Foundations in late 2017 the majority of conservative media outlets and conspiracy theorists tried to find a reason to criticize the philanthropic efforts of the former resident of Greenwich Village. Despite the criticism he has received from some alternative media outlets, Soros has seen his personal wealth fall from $26 billion to just $8 billion in a single act.

One of the major problems many alt-right groups and conservative media outlets such as Fox News have with George Soros is a basic misunderstanding of his aims and political viewpoint. For many, the fact Soros is a billionaire and liberal is something of an oxymoron as the majority of the public are more comfortable with the traditional view of the billionaire donor class as conservatives. Soros has funded a range of important attempts to create a fairer society such as the campaign for same-sex marriage and the end of the so-called “war on drugs”.

In general, George Soros has been vilified for every step he has taken in his ongoing attempts to bring a fairer society to communities across the planet. There seems little reason for much of the criticism of his work as a political donor and philanthropist aside from racism and a belief in the fact a liberal billionaire does not fit with the ideology of the majority on the right of political spectrum. Looking further back into the life of George Soros the need to aid those stranded in unfair societies makes more sense when positioned with a view of the life of the founder of Soros Fund Management; the Soros family was forced to hide its Jewish background during the Nazi occupation of Hungary and the rule of the Soviet Union in Hungary following the end of hostilities. merely seeking to bring democracy to the world has seen George Soros demonized by the conservative majority who see little more than a political opponent giving his money to a cause they do not understand.

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