Kevin Seawright: Combining Entrepreneurship and Finacial Strategies

Specializing in finacial management and administrative operations, East Coast finacial strategists, Kevin Seawright has accumulated wide range notoriety. With a combined experience of over 13 years in total, Kevin has managed to create a solid and secure development plan for various communities within the Eastern United States area.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright superior finacial skills and innovative strategies have helped him secure a position in one of New Jersey’s biggest cities. He serves as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

With expectations of creating a stable and more rejuvenating finacial plan for the city of Newark, Kevin has concentrated on wide spread growth and innovative development opportunities for New Jersey.

The finacial genuis is credited for managing over 400 million in federal, state, city and private funds within his career. He has also helped secure over 600 million dollars in capital. With a steady concentration on developmental construction and educational facilities, Kevin Seawright managed to become the leading name in his field.

Boosting capital opportunities and revenue enhancements, Kevin’s role as Chief Executive Officer will allow him the opportunity to create widespread opportunities for Newark.

Along with development strategies, Kevin has helped offer services which include business strategies, responsive accounting, payroll services, collections and technological based operations. The finacial guru has worked hand-in-hand with contractors and sub contractors, creating stable and suffienct developmental plans across the entire tri state area.

The creative entrepreneur often uses social media as a platform to discuss future endeavors and encouraging wisdom amongst the youth. Kevin can be viewed on his podcast, where he discusses common misconceptions of entrepreneurs and offers a detailed insight into a finacial strategists life.

Kevin Seawright is often seen as a mentor and finacial advisor. Declared as one of the most prolific finacial management gurus and advisors, the groundwork layed by Kevin serves as a building block between the youth and corporate America.