Dr. Saad Saad’s extra ordinary career

Dr. Saad Saad is currently retired in his home in Redbank, New Jersey. Dr. Saad Saad boasts a 34-year tenure as an American Pediatric Surgeon and four and a half year practice in Riyadh at Saudi Royal Hospital, stretched from his intended one year.


It is a story of a Palestinian immigrant in the United States from a family of eight children working to save children and gaining repute as pediatric surgeon on demand, even serving as Surgeon in Chief and a Co-Medical Director at Hackensack Meridian Hospital Healthcare Center.


Dr. Saad Saad mostly practiced in New Jersey at Jersey Shore Hospital, Monument Medical Center Lon Campus Branch among others where he also attained the Patent’s Choice Award and Compassionate Doctor Recognition award both in 2014.


He spent his early life in Kuwait where he was born and did his early education before getting a scholarship to pursue his degree in medicine in Cairo, then proceeded to do an internship in England. He then specialized his skill under residency programme in Surgery in the United States.


He did this under a strict and rigorous curriculum. He was undeniably brilliant and ambitious evident from his accomplishments in medical school his inspiration to separate himself from poverty he contended with in his early years.


His fluency in both English and Arabic obliged him to accept the request to practice in Saudi Royal Hospital in Riyadh despite the inconvenience it would subject his family of four children to due to traveling.


He practiced many pediatric surgical procedures, simple to complex ones to both needy and affluent children. He aspired to serve all equally despite their differences in race,gender, and social class.


Dr. Saad performed thousands of free complex surgeries on four medical missions in the United States and eight mission hospitals in Jerusalem. He used his experience to improve traditional methods to new developed surgical procedures.


He’s developed an endoscopic suction machine and also enhanced unilateral inguinal hernia laparoscopic repair techniques. He performed the first aneurysm repair on the youngest patient and researched secondary gastrointestinal tumors following primary neuroblastomas in children.


He says he is happy to use surgery to help others and also imparting knowledge to others both patients and students through lectures and talks. He pioneered medical school learning in Saudi Arabia after to limit students seeking medical schools training from other countries.



What made him a successful surgeon he says is his organization, at both personal and institutional level which he insists to his learners.


Before surgery, he opts to review his patients prudently then evaluate his procedure of choice taking note of the obstacles he’ll encounter and


During surgery, he refrains from distractions like personal conversations or loud music. He also insists on surgeons having long and restful periods of sleep and good breakfast before surgery. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/medical-inventions/life-saving-medical-inventions-dr-saad-saad/3570/

Transparency In Plastic Surgery With Dr. Rod Rohrich

There are about 24 specialties that are being approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties and Plastic Surgery is one among them. And in order to be recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), you need to not only go to a medical school but also perform a 6-year residency program. This is the reason why Dr. Rod Rohrich warns all of his existing and new patients to be aware of physicians who tend to be experts in the area without a proper level of training. After all, it is a matter of your human body and you need to be extra precautionary before choosing the right physician.

He suggests that there have been many deplorable cases in the past which have even resulted in death in few cases when patients were operated by so-called surgeons who did not have the right expertise to undertake the task. One thing he clearly suggests all of his patients check if the surgeon is listed as certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. He is of the view that few procedures could be performed by doctors who are board certified in other areas like dermatology, but he also mentions that for most of the cases, there is just no alternative to a physician who is ABPS certified. This level of transparency with his patients has gotten him to the list of renowned doctors in the United States.

When you perform a facelift, your hidden goal is to give your face the look you could wish for. And Dr. Rohrich believes that fact components in the face tend to decline with age and he uses this concept to extract fat from other areas and fill it very precisely in areas which need it the most. While he does that, he also sutures deep layers just to make sure that the neck and the cheeks are reshaped appropriately. Even if you have other intended surgeries like Breast augmentation or Revision Rhinoplasty or Botox, just schedule a call with Dr. Rod Rohrich and put all of your simplest and complex queries to rest.

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Erick Lefkoftsky Champions Cancer Research

Cancer can ravish both the body and mind. It can also affect the lives of everyone within the affected person’s circle. Fortunately, huge strides are being made in the fight against cancer. Eric Leftkofsky is brilliant man who also happens to be a billionaire entrepreneur assisting in the fight against cancer.

However, his fight against cancer has nothing to do with money. For him, it is all about helping fight disease that claims the lives of millions of people. His success does allow him to navigate a world that many may not understand. His experience, connections, and education allow him to get things done.

Eric Leftkofsky helped co-found Tempus. This is a moment in society where precision medicine is possible. Tempus is helping to create the technology that will build the world’s greatest library of personal medical data. The data will be both clinical and molecular, and it will be immediately accessible so doctors can help their cancer patients in real-time.

The Tempus mission is to redefine how doctors can use genomic data in clinical settings. Patients will benefit when doctors have access to an infinite amount of data concerning them and their fight with cancer. Patients can also clearly benefit by those who have come before them. Physicians have the tools to learn as the system gathers more data.

Tempus will allow a cancer patient’s data to store in a single location. This enables doctors to make real-time decisions that will rely heavily on that data. There are millions of patients diagnosed and treated for cancer. Tempus will enable doctors to have access to how patients have responded to treatments, and to offer more effective solutions for their own patients.

He is also a philanthropist, and founded the Lefkoftsky Family Foundation with his wife to advance initiatives that will help enhance the lives of people in their own communities. His other affiliations include World Business Chicago, and the Museum of Science and Industry to name several.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich: Training Future Leaders In Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is like most other areas of medicine. It is constantly evolving as more technological advancements are made in the techniques used to complete these procedures. Remaining innovative is the name of the game in order for today’s plastic surgery professionals to remain successful. Dr. Rod Rohrich, one of the most successful plastic surgeons of our time, is well known for yet another interesting feat. He also teaches and mentors future generations of upcoming surgeons to ensure they can reach the same level of success that he has achieved.

Overview of Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been serving the Dallas, Texas area for over 20 years. Dr. Rohrich developed a passion for plastic surgery when he performed his residency at the highly esteemed University of Michigan. It was here that he served under the guidance of some of the most influential plastic surgeons of that era.

Dr. Rod Rohrich obtained his medical degree from the Baylor College of Medicine. In addition to running his own successful practice, he devotes a lot of time to teaching advanced surgical techniques to future generations of plastic surgeons. Dr. Rohrich continues to remain devoted to the field he has been most passionate about for the last two decades, offering the personalized care his patients have come to expect.

Teaching Skills of Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rohrich travels internationally to help train future plastic surgeons on the ever-changing techniques used to today’s advanced procedures. Dr. Rohrich got started in his teaching career in 1986 when he provided technical training at UT Southwestern. Following this time, he also helped pioneer brand new surgical techniques over a period of two decades that he served as Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the same school.

Dr. Rohrich prides himself on putting primary focus on the safety of his patients. He teaches the importance of this same concept to fellow surgeons and professionals, ensuring patient safety remains a number one area of focus for all. Dr. Rohrich accomplishes this by ensuring that all medical professionals serving these patients treat them on an individual basis. He teaches that the safe treatment of a patient is dependant on treating them on an individual basis, getting a complete medical history, and tailoring their treatment plan to the specifics of their case.

Dr. Rod Rohrich continues to serve as a skilled surgeon, respected teacher, and prominent author on relevant topics relating to today’s plastic surgery procedures.

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Dr. Mark McKenna is the true definition of success. He is a licensed medical doctor, a dedicated community servant, an established entrepreneur, and a family man. He started his medical career in New Orleans working with his father after graduating from Tulane University Medical School and simultaneously did physicals for prisoners at a fee in order to be able to raise capital to venture into the real estate industry. He successfully launched McKenna Venture Investments after saving all the money he earned, and it would go on to be profitable. His interest in the real estate would guide him to launch another entity, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc.

Fate not being so kind to his interests, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina swept over New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna witnessed a staggering loss overnight following this tragedy but soon found footing during the rehabilitation process. Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta in 2007 and made a comeback to medicine through ShapeMed, a wellness center dealing with cosmetic treatments. He practiced here until 2015 when he sold ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness which was then publicly traded. He also joined Lifetime as part of the staff for a year.

After ShapeMed, Dr. Mark McKenna launched OVME, a new form of medical aesthetic experience. He explains that OVME is pronounced as “of me” and provides minimally invasive procedures in a variety of skin and facial services like Botox. Other services include weight loss management and testosterone replacement therapy among others. In what Dr. Mark McKenna describes as the uber or Airbnb of medicine, OVME will use an app that will enable them to send doctors to patients to do house calls and virtual consults. He expects this unique innovation to be met with tangible fruition as these are procedures in high demand in the country.

Dr. Mark McKenna says one of the ways he is able to maintain discipline in his practice is visualizing his goals and working towards achieving them. Meditation, he says, enables him to keep focus and his mind fresh as he meditates daily.


Eric Lefkofsky: Work At Tempus Labs

Eric Lefkofsky is a prominent entrepreneur who has experience in various industries. He currently owns and operates Tempus Labs. Tempus Labs is a company dedicated to improving health in customers. Many people struggle with numerous health issues throughout their life. Instead of focusing on medicine, the staff at Tempus Labs helps people with their lifestyle choices. Most people can drastically improve their health by making a few lifestyle adjustments.

Eating a healthy diet has been proven to help people with their medical issues. People who exercise regularly are much less likely to develop chronic

Cancer Treatment

One of the most significant issues with the current medical system is the increase in costs over the years. Many people have struggled to pay for major medical problems. People who get cancer have to pay for numerous different medical expenses. Few people have the cash to pay for these medical costs.

Eric Lefkofsky wants to improve the medical system. He firmly believes in utilizing technology to lower the cost of care in individuals. He has helped many people reach their health goals. With his background in the business world, Eric Lefkofsky operates a business with few expenses. Instead of focusing on increasing profits, he focuses on helping as many people as possible.

Future Plans

Eric Lefkofsky has numerous plans for the coming years. He believes that Tempus Labs can become one of the leading health companies in the country. There is a significant need for lower medical costs in the United States.

Eric Lefkofsky also donates his time and money to improve his community. He wants all children to have the same educational opportunities. In his area, many children grow up in poverty and struggle to get out of their situation. He mentors young people who want to attend college and live a better life than their parents.

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Dr. Mark McKenna

The founder and CEO of OVME entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of Tulane University Medical School and a New Orleans, Louisiana native. He is currently licensed in Medicine and surgery by the Georgia and Florida state boards. Dr. Mckenna began practicing medicine with his father and remained in the practice for five years. When he became interested in real estate development and went on to open several real estate industry based companies. He founded McKenna Venture Investments, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. The investment company suffered huge losses during Hurricane Katrina resulting in Dr. McKenna to rebuild the investment. Then as an entrepreneur, he knew when to return to medicine as the real estate market changed narrowing the profits due to house flipping with 100 percent financing.

Then in 2007, the doctor moved to Atlanta, Georgia. This is where he founded ShapeMed a wellness medical practice. This medical based company focused on nonsurgical aesthetics of clients. This was done with dieticians and physicians. The focus was on wellness and healthy weight loss. They also included Juvederm, Restylane, Botox and other means of wellness for patients including a licensed nutritionist. In 2015 Dr. Mark McKenna sold the ShapeMed chain of offices.

Then Dr. Mark McKenna went on to found OVME that focuses on medical ascetics. Dr. Mark McKenna had a goal with this medical company to reinvent elective healthcare. One of the reasons the name of this medical company is named OVME he said is the pronunciation being “of me.” This is due to the focus and goal of the fact this business focuses on the aesthetics and nonsurgical methods of making changes for people. The doctor plans to grow the company to more than the Atlanta area with offices nationwide. The view of the business is to create an app and give clients luxury experience. Rather than clients being treated in a medical setting, the goal is to send the medical provider to the client. They will also do virtual consults for clients instead of office type visits that are required by other medical and aesthetically based companies.

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