David Mcdonald Taking Osi Group to greater Heights

David McDonald was destined to an unassuming cultivating family in Iowa. His folks guaranteed that their child got to great instruction. As a young man, David McDonald went to neighborhood schools before joining Iowa State University in 1987. Having spent the vast majority of his life at their homestead, McDonald trusted that his opportunity to join the college ought to be utilized to enhance the agrarian business in the United States. To this end, he enlisted for a four year certification in creature science.

McDonald moved on from the University in 1991 and joined OSI Industries in Chicago. David figured out how to ascend through the professional bureaucracy to serve in different administration positions. Over the most recent 26 years, he has ascended to end up plainly the president and head working officer of OSI Group. This phenomenal accomplishment has empowered him to be a standout amongst the most respected pioneers in focused business. He is a beneficiary of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI Group’s endeavors to overwhelm the Chinese market began in 1992. Throughout the years, David has propelled the organization’s expansionary endeavors by giving creative business methodologies that have brought about the foundation of new handling offices in the Far East nation. The organization is the essential provider of handled nourishment to the McDonald’s and other significant sustenance retail marks.

David’s visionary initiative has empowered the organization to make much progress in various fronts, including providing 113 tons of meat, chicken, eggs, got dried out onions, and pork to be devoured amid the Beijing Olympics. No dissension was raised by any organization implying that he fulfilled the utilities of these establishments.

David McDonald OSI Group is situated in Aurora, Illinois. He is accountable for 56 preparing offices claimed by OSI Group. These manufacturing plants are spread crosswise over 17 nations. OSI keeps on opening more offices in various parts of the world, particularly in China given that the nation positions as the biggest poultry maker.

Greg Secker’s Capital Index Firm; A First In Online Brokerage

Greg Secker is a multifaceted individual. He doubles up his excellent business skills with philanthropy and public speaking. Greg has been an inspiration to many future entrepreneurs given that his business ventures have always been viable. Greg Secker owns a distinguished firm in the money markets; Learn to Trade. Learn to Trade is firm that focuses on guiding people in making the right decision when they want to trade in the stock markets.


Learn to Trade is not the only successful venture that Greg Secker boasts of in the equity markets, the entrepreneur is the brain behind SmartCharts Software, a software that leverages cutting edge technology to provide real-time data on stocks and prediction. Capital Index is another venture that is under Greg Secker’s name. The Capital Index firm is a brokerage company that helps customers buy shares.


Greg Secker’s career in the financial services market began when he used to work for Thomas Cook Financial Services. After a short stint at Thomas Cook, Greg Secker moved into the Forex market to steer a brand new firm called Virtual Trading Desk. VTD was a premiere Forex trading enterprise that was built on-line, providing clients with real-time stocks and Forex data. His career advanced, and he moved on to become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. MFC was listed as one of the Fortune 500 investment banks in the US. Greg’s experience in the financial services sector coupled with his rich portfolio in trading stocks gave him the edge he required to start his venture. Greg Secker decided to leave Mellon Financial Corporation and began his financial services company. That is how his firm, Learn to Trade came to be.


For over a decade, more than 200,000 people have benefited from Greg’s experience and expertise in the financial markets. Through Greg Secker’s seminars, individuals get to learn how they can create a secondary income stream by trading in the currency and stock markets.


In the philanthropy world, Greg Secker knows the importance of giving back to the society. He has donated to various charities including the Royal Princes chosen causes, Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust. In the year 2011, Greg Secker took his generosity to a higher level by creating the Greg Secker Foundation. The charity is devoted to improving the living conditions of people across the globe.