Dr. Rod Rohrich: Training Future Leaders In Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is like most other areas of medicine. It is constantly evolving as more technological advancements are made in the techniques used to complete these procedures. Remaining innovative is the name of the game in order for today’s plastic surgery professionals to remain successful. Dr. Rod Rohrich, one of the most successful plastic surgeons of our time, is well known for yet another interesting feat. He also teaches and mentors future generations of upcoming surgeons to ensure they can reach the same level of success that he has achieved.

Overview of Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been serving the Dallas, Texas area for over 20 years. Dr. Rohrich developed a passion for plastic surgery when he performed his residency at the highly esteemed University of Michigan. It was here that he served under the guidance of some of the most influential plastic surgeons of that era.

Dr. Rod Rohrich obtained his medical degree from the Baylor College of Medicine. In addition to running his own successful practice, he devotes a lot of time to teaching advanced surgical techniques to future generations of plastic surgeons. Dr. Rohrich continues to remain devoted to the field he has been most passionate about for the last two decades, offering the personalized care his patients have come to expect.

Teaching Skills of Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rohrich travels internationally to help train future plastic surgeons on the ever-changing techniques used to today’s advanced procedures. Dr. Rohrich got started in his teaching career in 1986 when he provided technical training at UT Southwestern. Following this time, he also helped pioneer brand new surgical techniques over a period of two decades that he served as Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the same school.

Dr. Rohrich prides himself on putting primary focus on the safety of his patients. He teaches the importance of this same concept to fellow surgeons and professionals, ensuring patient safety remains a number one area of focus for all. Dr. Rohrich accomplishes this by ensuring that all medical professionals serving these patients treat them on an individual basis. He teaches that the safe treatment of a patient is dependant on treating them on an individual basis, getting a complete medical history, and tailoring their treatment plan to the specifics of their case.

Dr. Rod Rohrich continues to serve as a skilled surgeon, respected teacher, and prominent author on relevant topics relating to today’s plastic surgery procedures.

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