Protect Your Pet WithBeneful Dog Food

Walmart carries a wide variety of Beneful dog food from their original brand to their healthy weight brand. Walmart also carries almost all of the Beneful snacks and treats your pet will love! Walmart sells Beneful at the lowest prices around. No matter what variety, Walmart sells every 12.5lb bag for under $20. Purina Beneful Medley’s are cans of wet dog food that only cost $6.97 for a 12 can variety pack. They also offer the Tuscan and Romana and Mediterranean pack of 27 cans for under $15.00. Beneful originals with real beef dry dog food is $26 at Walmart for a 31lb bag. They also carry the Healthy Weight options if your pet has special dietary needs. Walmart carries both the real chicken version as well as the real salmon version for $13.98 for a 15.5lb bag. If your dog prefers wet food, Walmart has Benefulincredibites made with real salmon. Walmart regularly has rollbacks, specials and coupons available online under the pet section of their website. The coupons are usually for $3.00 off of a bag of Beneful dog food.

Beneful combines crunchy with tender food to keep your pet excited and happy each day. Their dog food blends have the perfect balance of quality nutrition & healthy ingredients and an unsurpassed taste. Every variety contains real meat, vegetables rich in vitamins and wholesome grains. Many dog food brands use corn gluten meal as one of their main ingredients. Glutens are a terrible source of protein followed by meat by-products. Beneful only uses natural ingredients while still being able to offer you low prices.