Mina Ebrahimi Took a Palatable Passion to a Successful Business

Giving back, whether it’s to her employees, the community, or the fabulous foods she so passionately prepares; Mina Ebrahimi is a role model for women entrepreneurs. Mina took a passion for cooking and turned it into a successful full service catering business.

Mina’s passion for cooking and delivering delicious delicacies began at an early age. At eleven Mina began working in her parent’s bakery, located in Seven Corners, VA. It was there that she honed in on more than her cooking talents, she learned the value of impeccable customer service, a skill that has become the cornerstone of her business. Mina continued to run her parents business Saint Germain Café until the young age of 26 when she then branched out and began her own catering business, Saint Germain Catering, located in Vienna, VA.

Saint Germain Catering launched specializing in corporate catering, weddings and special events. Mina’s commitment to customer service and fine foods allowed her to quickly transform Saint Germain into a full service catering business, now employing 32 full time staff. The rapid expansion of her business is a testimony of her dedication to her staff and her customers.

Whether looking to cater a small lunch or a dazzling ballroom banquet Saint Germain Catering has been the premier catering company for locals. Mina has been recognized for her commitment and smart business ethics receiving a number of awards including The Enterprise Women of the Year Award and The Washington Business Journal’s Prestigious “Top 40 under 40” Annual List.

Over the years catering companies have opened and closed while Saint Germain continues to build its business. In addition to recruiting top talent, Mina has been intentional in her strategy to grow Saint Germain through one site rather than multiple locations. Mina has proven to be a successful businesswoman in what often times can be a very challenging industry. She is a true testament to what dedication and hard work can accomplish.

For those who are not near Saint Germain, check out their blog where Mina and her team share their tips and tricks for fabulous meals and entertaining.



Mina Ebrahimi the the Success of Saint Germain Catering

Success in catering for Mina Ebrahimi was not easy. She is someone that has managed to connected with a plethora of different people after transformed her company into one that provided full service catering. With a team of sous chefs and a pastry chef that provide delectable meals it has been easier for Mina Ebrahimi to embrace the world of catering with a passion that has led her to winning awards in the business world.

The thing that may have become the driving force for Ebrahimi is her parents. She was able to see the pleasure that her parents had in baking. She was also able to see their strong work ethic because she started working there at their bakery at the age of 11. It was inside of this environment that she learned about customer service. Once she figured out how to meet the needs of her customers it was only going to be a matter of time before made a name for herself with her own business.

Catering must have been in her blood because she continued to run the café that her parents started. Mina would do this during her adult years, but she would eventually transition into her own company. Catering is where she would toss her hat into the ring. This would be the thing that allowed her to provide food for various events like weddings and luncheons. This is something that Mina seems to be very passionate about. This passion has allowed her to acquire so much success in other areas of her life.

Her passion for catering helped create a sponsorship with McBaine. This sponsorship of a cancer detecting dog like McBaine has helped with early cancer detection methods. Mina has a personal blog and a growing staff. She has a lot of different connections to supporting non-profits and this is all because she dared to pursue her dreams to have a catering business.

Mina realized that she contributed to the success of her parents in the café they started. Now she realizes that her employees contributes to her success so she believes in empowering them.

OSI Industries Demonstrates Best Leadership Skills In The Region

OSI Group partners is an internationally recognized food provider with branches in different part of Europe. It is among the largest private food providers in Europe and the world. It has enormous financial capabilities, resources and good infrastructure which makes it be the best in the region. OSI industries are renowned for its quality custom foods in various parts of the world.

In 2016, the company won the prestigious Globe of Honor Award. The British Council presented the award due to its exceptional management of environmental risks. It was among the 18 company companies which were awarded this prestigious Award. The awarded is always given to the companies which have demonstrated comprehensive environmental management skills. OSI food solutions managed to achieve the required standard by the British Safety Council in order to win such a prestigious award. The council always carries out an environment management audit and select the companies which have met the standards set for the award. The ability of the company towards managing the environment can also be seen throughout the business. The British Safety Council through the Chair, Lynda Armstrong, congratulated the company for winning the Award. She also applauded the leading organizations for adopting an integrated approach that treats both health and safety equally, hence making the operations of those organizations more sustainable.

OSI Industries leadership was a pillar in ensuring that the company wins such an award. The managerial staff of the company and the top leadership are key to such achievements. The company inspires its employees through the excellent leadership and motivates them to put safety fast by taking care of their working environment. The journey to achieving such an accolade was a result of teamwork among the staff of the companies. The company has won the Globe of Honor in 2013 and 2015. It is, therefore, a clear indication that the company is a worldwide leading organization which cares about the environment when performing its business.

The company also acquired the Baho foods. The purchase of Baho foods has helped to broaden the company’s presence in Europe. The five subsidiaries of the Baho foods will enable OSI to reach about 18 European countries. It also means an additional processing plant in Germany and Netherlands. The company retained the managing director of Baho foods, John Balvers, and his staff. This will help the company to strategize with experienced staff on developing a growth strategy for the two combined companies. The Baho foods will leverage the OSI’s resources and infrastructure in achieving a broad product portfolio.

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OSI Group’s Achievements Under David McDonald

David McDonald is the CEO and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. He is the former chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Currently, he is a member of its Board of Directors. He is also an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He graduated from Lowa State University in 1987 with Bachelors in Science, specializing in Animal Science. He has been a determined and a committed leader to the success of OSI Group. He works well with the employees in providing quality services in the food industry.

David McDonald OSI Group has distributed more than 100 tons of assorted food products to Beijing Olympics games. These food products include; chicken, beef, eggs, pork and dehydrated onions. This act is being recommended across the board. There is a stamp on McDonald’s record for that recommendable service.

A report on Global sustainability has been released that is indicating improvements based on the supply chain, environment and social responsibility in the last period. The report outlines OSI Group’s goals by 2020 which include; reducing energy and water intensity by 10%. All OSI facilities in Europe have been ISO14001 certified. In addition, more than 100 metric tons of food from OSI North American has been donated to Americans. GenOSI has given food to over 25 metric food tons to cater the homeless in the Philippines.
Baho Food, a company manufacturing snacks, foods and deli meats, has been acquired by OSI Group. This company deals with food service and retail sector in Dutch. According to David, Chief Operating Officer, this acquisition will assist improving the market presence of OSI in Europe to aid quality service to the customer needs that are always changing.

In an interview done by Inspirery, Davis McDonald has disclosed that through his passion for achieving knowledge in Animal Science has assisted him to attain his current honorable position at OSI Group. He adds that his interest in agriculture and biology has been of great benefit and their source of income is from the sale of both meat and food products to known companies worldwide. He says that OSI Group’s mission and goal is to make sure they satisfy their clients’ need at all times and costs. He affirms that OSI Group will be continually innovative and flexible to the emerging issues in the market.

Through David McDonald, OSI Group has acquired Flagship Europe, Tyson Food, and Baho Foods Companies.

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OSI Industries Makes Major Expansion With The Acquisition Of Dutch-Based Baho Food

OSI Food Group recently made several major announcements that showcase the magnitude of the company’s expansion over the past several months. First, the company announced that it was going to be purchasing a former Tyson plant located in Chicago, Illinois. Next, the company announced that it had acquired the Dutch based Baho Food, another producer of quality meat products. Finally, the company announced that it had made the list of top meat producing companies in the United States.

OSI Industries is a global leader in producing the best quality in value added protein products, including meat, chicken, sausage and novelty items such as the well-loved hot dog. The company is one of the largest companies to supply said meats and poultry products. OSI Industries has a strong foothold in seventeen countries throughout the world, and this number only continues to grow through such acquisitions as mentioned above. Within those seventeen countries, there are more than sixty five companies or plants that are owned by OSI Foods. The company prides itself on being a top quality place to work and proudly employs over twenty thousand people across the world. OSI Industries also prides itself on offering a level of customer service that is the absolute best in the industry. The company has worked hard to ensure that it is always ground above and beyond to meet the needs of both its customers and its vendors.

First, OSI Industries announced the acquisition of Baho Food. The company is Dutch-based and it is an incredibly popular name, probably the most popular in the region. The company specializes in the production of top quality meats and poultry products. OSI Industries has a global presence and one of its major goals is to grow its global footprint. The purchase of Baho Food is ideal because not only does it allow for growth in the Netherland region, but it also expands the company’s reach in Europe as Baho Food has a massive presence throughout Europe and is rapidly expanding its reach into other areas.

OSI Industries also is one of the United States’ largest company that is privately owned, and is one of just a handful in the meat and poultry industry that is privately held. The company continues to expand on an annual basis and does so mainly through the acquisition of other companies within the same industry that share in OSI Food’s strong values and commitment to customer service.

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