As the Chairman and CEO of well-known food company, OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin’s veteran leadership has merited his company awards and recognition for excellence

OSI Group, which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is in the top echelon of American-based food companies. OSI Group is a corporation that is recognized for its high level of quality, and excellent business track record in many categories involving food. As Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has helped propel his firm to one of the top 100 American food companies in the U.S.

In 2016, OSI Group made many acquisitions of capital and food-related entities. OSI Group procured the Tyson Food plant in June of 2016. Sheldon Lavin’s company purchased this Tyson plant, which is located in Chicago, Illinois, for a price tag of $74 million. An OSI Group spokesman stated that Tyson Food’s plant, which includes a 200,000-square-foot area, is located in the Back of the Yards locale. The OSI spokesperson also noted that this Tyson’s Food plant is close to OSI’s other facilities in Chicago, Illinois. It is convenient for OSI’s employees, managers, and other staff.

Sheldon Lavin once held the role of Chairman of Amick Farms, after OSI Group acquired this American-based poultry company in 2006. While Sheldon Lavin has been the CEO of OSI Group, he and other key executives agreed to acquire Baho Food, a Dutch Company, in August of 2016. This purchase was part of a strategy by Sheldon Lavin, and COO, David McDonald, to add this Dutch business to their European food line.

OSI’s purchase of Baho Foods was part of their corporate strategy that involved gaining a stronger corporate presence in Europe. As part of the purchase of Baho Foods, OSI acquired five subsidiaries from this Dutch company, plus a number of processing plants located in Germany and the Netherlands. These five subsidiaries included, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Q Smart Life. These five subsidiaries are important food services located in Europe. These subsidiaries are part of a food business network in 16 countries.

In February of 2016, Lavin received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. This award honors visionaries from many different fields who have turned their lofty dreams into reality. Lavin is a true visionary, and he has showed persistence and perseverance to accomplish his goals while Chairman and CEO at OSI Group. From his beginnings at Otto & Sons in 1970, to CEO of OSI Group, and its subsidiaries today, Sheldon Lavin is business success, exemplified.

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David McDonald: ISU Grad Making An Impact At The OSI Group

For over 30 years, David McDonald has played a number of very important roles for the global food processing company the OSI Group. An Iowa native, McDonald was hired by the company in 1987. With his degree in animal science, love for biology and agriculture and years spent growing up on a farm, he was a perfect fit for the OSI Group. Initially hired as a project manager, David McDonald has worked his way up the corporate ladder and is now president and COO of the company. He has also played a key role in the OSI Group’s expansion into a brand with a growing international customer base.

Known for his diverse skillset and his ability to work in harmony with governmental agencies, local suppliers and marketing people in a wide range of countries, David McDonald has emerged as the ‘go to’ guy when issues arise. He is known for his ability to quickly handle technical issues and all of the challenges the OSI Group faces as it penetrates new markets around the globe. McDonald has been indispensable as the company continues to make inroads into the Chinese markets and establish itself as a favorite with consumers. With the help of David McDonald, the OSI Group has built 10 poultry processing facilities in China.

A proud graduate of Iowa State University, David McDonald is still closely associated with the school. He works with the ISU Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, donates to the school’s scholarship fund and has helped organize internship opportunities for ISU students. Plus, two of David McDonald’s children are students at Iowa State University. His close friends say his other 4 children will attend the school as well. McDonald is so intimately involved with and makes such significant contributions to Iowa State University, the school’s alumni association voted him Young Alumni of the Year in 2004.

David McDonald currently resides in Warrenville, Illinois with his wife and children and is very active in Wheaton, Illinois based St. Michael Parish. He is also chairman of the North American Meat Institute’s board of directors. McDonald also serves as a Marfrig Global Foods S.A. independent director, as well as a director with Australia based OSI International Foods. David McDonald takes pride in his work and his accomplishments. He often gets positive feedback from clients saying they appreciate the company’s quality products. That gives David McDonald the assurance he’s doing a good job.

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OSI Group Again Wins Prestigious Globe of Honour Award

Every year the British Safety Council gives its Globe of Honour awards to businesses that demonsrate outstanding committment to environmental safety. At the same time, they give their Sword of Honour to businesses that demonstrate their committment to worker health and safety.

In November 2016, they again awarded the Globe of Honour to OSI Food Solutions U.K., part of the American company OSI Group. And OSI Group also received the Sword of Honour. Only 8 businesses received both the coveted honors. To qualify, businesses first had to receive 5 stars during the British Safety Council environmental awareness audits. After that, they had to demonstrate to an independent panel of experts that their excellent management of environmental issues and worker health and safety extended throughout the business, from the offices to the shop floor where the actual work is carried out.

OSI Group has been operating in the United Kingdom in Scunthorpe since 1989. They produce beef and pork for restaurants. They have won the Globe of Honor twice before, in 2013 and 2015. This indicates their dedication and consistency in managing environment safety.

At the ceremony, Mike Robinson presented the award to OSI Group Kelly Gramwood. Robinson is the Chief Executive of the British Safety Council. Gramwood is OSI Group’s Environmental Manage Europe.

Based in Aurora Illinois, OSI Group started out in 1909 as Otto Kolschowsky Meat Market. 19 years later the company became Otto and Sons. In 1975 they became OSI Industries. They are now the 39th largest food producing company in the United States, and operate in Germany and China besides the U.S. and the U.K.

OSI Industries produces sausage, bacon, poultry, beef, vegetables, fruit, seafood dough and cheese products to restaurants.

Recently OSI Industries took over Baho Food, and Dutch food company that makes deli meats and snacks. David G. McDonald is the current Chief Operating Officer. He said they wanted to broaden their business in Europe.