Lime Crime & Eyeshadow Equals Success

The beauty business generates billions of dollars with relative ease. Both women and men tend to use some of the same products, and eyeshadow sits at the top of the list. Every major brand has its own eyeshadow, but all eyeshadows aren’t created equal. For the majority of the brands that are on the market today, most of their products are loaded with chemicals, and these chemicals can cause adverse side effects. If you’re looking for a brand that has the consumers’ health in mind, then Lime Crime is the brand for you.

Lime Crime has been around since its inception in 2008. One of its top products is the Venus XL eyeshadow palette. This advanced eyeshadow provides at least 18 different shades as well as offers four distinct finishes. When Venus XL came-out a few years ago, it took the industry by storm as the product provided ease of use as well as having the ability to last much longer without fading. Each mirrored box presented the highly pigmented colors of:

  •  Love (bronzed peach)
  •  Goddess (dusty rose)
  •  Eden (rusty rose)
  •  Celestial (brick with gold sparkle)
  •  Passion ( bright raspberry)
  •  Flora (deep coral)
  •  Blanc Canvas (cool beige)
  •  And numerous others

The all-new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette has expanded on the many benefits of its predecessors. This actual product has caused a recent stir in a sense because Lime Crime has been giving the public subtle peeps. Chatter, dialogue and conversations have transpired from these subtle peeps, but this is how Lime Crime flirts with its customer-base. Venus 3 was released on April 24, 2018. If you ordered the eyeshadow from the official website, then you will be one of the first individuals to receive the goods. At $38 per box, Venus 3 is definitely a steal.

Fabletics Active Wear– Inspiring and Empowering Women

In 2013, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the TechStyle Fashion Group founders conceived the idea of launching an athleisure brand. The first person they thought of was Kate Hudson. Since then, Kate has been the hands-on face behind Fabletics under which athleisure operates. To date, she continues to be heavily involved in the process of design, working closely with the whole Fabletics team towards ensuring that they stay fresh in terms of styles.


The Athleisure- Fabletics Mission


Fabletics is all about empowering and inspiring women to be strong, the best version of themselves irrespective of their age, size, or shape. In a short span of three and a half years, Fabletics has grown from a little startup into a respectable $250 million company. Although Kate doesn’t come with a traditional business background, her acting career has contributed in helping her become innovate and in bringing new ideas to the fashion and design table.


A mother of two, iconic actress, and fashion tastemaker, Kate Hudson is an inspiration to other women. Her deep passion for supporting and motivating women to lead active and healthy lives prompted her to co-found Fabletics in 2013. Every month, Kate not only approves but shares her favorite live wear outfits. Speaking to MSNBC on her winning Athleisure brand, Kate states that the mission is to give women support on their journey to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.


Athleisure Brand


The Athleisure Fabletics brand which was initially an online subscription-based model now has 18 stores across the U.S. and this year is set to launch a plus-size line. Although the subscription-based avenue used by Kate and her team has at times come face to face with tough subscriber’s criticism, today Fabletics can be counted among the growing band of versatile, risk-positive and data-aware brands who appreciate the “new” consumer.


The multi-million Athleisure brand also includes Just Fab, FabKids, FL2, ShoeDazzle, and P.S. a personal styling service by JustFab. As a component of the thriving and growing ‘activewear’ movement, the brand employs a subscription mechanic in selling products to their diverse clients across the US and abroad.




Sportswear brand Fabletics by Actress Kate Hudson is giving women the opportunity of tapping into the athleisure trend irrespective of their sizes or age. Her active-wear collection can now be accessed in extended sizing, spanning from XXS to 3X.To find out which of Fabletics outfits are the best for you, take the quick lifestyle quiz found here.

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How Fabletics Sets Itself Apart To Be on Top of Its Industry

Fabletics is a leading athleisure brand that sets itself apart by offering quality and affordable apparels that are in style. The company was founded in the year 2013 and is under TechStyle. The three founders of the company include Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. In the four short years, the brand has managed to win over 1 million paying subscribers. This has translated into more than $250 million profits in the few years. This is such a huge growth, considering that there is a low entry barrier. Also, the fact that there are dominant companies in the market including Amazon, Nike and the likes of Lulu Lemon. Here are some of the reasons behind the fast success of Fabletics.


Great and strategic leadership is one of the major reason for the success of the company. The company is run by two of the best professionals in the industry, that is, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They have been in this business for quite a while, and no one has an eye for fashion quite like them. Not to mention the ability to incorporate technology into it all. Also, the presence of Kate Hudson in the company is a big plus. Kate Hudson is not only an advertising figure. Rather, the products made by Fabletics are quality and fashionable so you can easily see Kate Hudson wearing them for her runs and when going to the gym. Also, the fact that she is very active makes her the best for consultation of sports fashion advice.


The ability to leverage the power of crowd is also one of the reasons why Fabletics is threatening to overtake companies such as Amazon. This is because of the numerous positive reviews that Fabletics receive. This makes other people feel that they can trust them, thus, buying their products. Also, the great reviews help to optimize them over search engines. Therefore, they get frequent visits to their website, than other companies. And, if some of this traffic translates to sales, then it means it is working for their good. Additionally, the high number of positive reviews makes customers trust that they are not the only ones that were impressed by Fabletics’ products. Therefore, they tend to come back again and again.


Another reason for the success of Fabletics is the ability to balance quality and price. Unlike other premium brands, where you have to pay a leg and an arm for one outfit, at Fabletics you get the same quality for much less. This makes Fabletics products easily accessible to people, which is great on their sales numbers. In addition to quality, Fabletics make their apparels so that they are fashionable for the modern crowd. Rather than looking too dull, like most premium athleisure brands opt to do, Fabletics opt to deliver products that make you feel sexy and fashionable even when you are exercising. This way, they have managed to get a very huge following.

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Tips For Photoshoots With Nine9

One of the most important parts of signing up with talent agencies is the photo shoot. It is no different with Nine9 Talent Agency, the unagency. They have a lot of advice for people that want to make sure that they are getting their best chances for roles. They have advice for everything from grooming of hair to the outfits that one is going to wear for photo shoots. One thing that they have made clear is that there are some things that don’t require a lot of attention. For instance, it is not necessary to worry about blemishes. Nine9 has makeup for people to use.

When it comes to the outfits, the best thing to do is bring three outfits. There are a few click here things to avoid when taking pictures. One thing that they say to avoid are clothes with logos or sayings. One thing that they want people to avoid is having their outfit take the attention away from them. This would also mean no intense patterns. For a lot of people, this may seem like common sense. The key point here is to make sure that the producers of the project are able to focus on what they should be focusing on, which is the talent.

One of the reasons that Nine9 has been very successful in getting people the roles that they apply for is because they are very involved with the talent from day one. They make sure that the talent is ready for their work. This is one of the most appreciable things about Nine9. The talent is able to keep in touch with the unagency and get regular updates on the types of jobs that are available. One good thing is that there is always something available that the talent can reach whenever they are looking for work.

Fabletics Shining in a Competitive Fashion World

Kate Hudson has managed to do what most people have been unable to do in the fashion industry. The fact that she has been able to grow her Company to a tune of 250 million dollars in just three years when amazon controls 20% of the entire online fashion market is amazing and in fact very commendable. She has been able to reach this far because of the mechanism of subscribing her customers and pushing her brand through the activewear movement that has been ongoing. She has also been able to keep customers engaged and happy because of offering convenient services and the membership deal that is impossible to pass.


For the longest time high quality the costly prizes they come with identified brands. However, a shift in the economy has led to a change in this aspect and the competition is going beyond the quality of the product as customers are looking into other important factors such as customer service and experience, brand recognition as well as exclusivity in designs as high-end customers want to stand out.


Fabletics strategy has been working seeing from how much growth they have experienced and the fact that they are going to add onto their 16 already existing physical stores. They are likening themselves to Apple with their fashion online membership growing with each passing day. One may wonder what the secret is. According to the general manager Gregg, the secret is sticking on manufacturing high value quality products from the start. The membership model in Fabletics makes it possible for the company to customize products and still afford to provide it at a competitive rate. The company works on the truth that it becomes easy to make people happy when you understand what they want and what they are looking for.


The different ways Fabletics handles their stores


Reverse showroom is working for Fabletics. Unlike competitors who tell customers about products ad guide them to buy in other cheaper places Fabletics has encouraged membership. This means that most people, almost half of the clients that walk into their physical stores are already members. Having people who are already members walk into a store is one of the surest way to ensure continued sales and improved profitability.


Fabletics has all the attires that a person would ever need for their workout purposes. It is important to subscribe to their services to get deals that are not only affordable but one that gives you the best value for your money.