Fabletics Active Wear– Inspiring and Empowering Women

In 2013, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the TechStyle Fashion Group founders conceived the idea of launching an athleisure brand. The first person they thought of was Kate Hudson. Since then, Kate has been the hands-on face behind Fabletics under which athleisure operates. To date, she continues to be heavily involved in the process of design, working closely with the whole Fabletics team towards ensuring that they stay fresh in terms of styles.


The Athleisure- Fabletics Mission


Fabletics is all about empowering and inspiring women to be strong, the best version of themselves irrespective of their age, size, or shape. In a short span of three and a half years, Fabletics has grown from a little startup into a respectable $250 million company. Although Kate doesn’t come with a traditional business background, her acting career has contributed in helping her become innovate and in bringing new ideas to the fashion and design table.


A mother of two, iconic actress, and fashion tastemaker, Kate Hudson is an inspiration to other women. Her deep passion for supporting and motivating women to lead active and healthy lives prompted her to co-found Fabletics in 2013. Every month, Kate not only approves but shares her favorite live wear outfits. Speaking to MSNBC on her winning Athleisure brand, Kate states that the mission is to give women support on their journey to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.


Athleisure Brand


The Athleisure Fabletics brand which was initially an online subscription-based model now has 18 stores across the U.S. and this year is set to launch a plus-size line. Although the subscription-based avenue used by Kate and her team has at times come face to face with tough subscriber’s criticism, today Fabletics can be counted among the growing band of versatile, risk-positive and data-aware brands who appreciate the “new” consumer.


The multi-million Athleisure brand also includes Just Fab, FabKids, FL2, ShoeDazzle, and P.S. a personal styling service by JustFab. As a component of the thriving and growing ‘activewear’ movement, the brand employs a subscription mechanic in selling products to their diverse clients across the US and abroad.




Sportswear brand Fabletics by Actress Kate Hudson is giving women the opportunity of tapping into the athleisure trend irrespective of their sizes or age. Her active-wear collection can now be accessed in extended sizing, spanning from XXS to 3X.To find out which of Fabletics outfits are the best for you, take the quick lifestyle quiz found here.

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Don Ressler’s Contribution to Making Fabletics the Ultimate Women’s Active Wear Brand

In the past, getting good quality, stylish, and functional active wear for most women was a total nightmare. With the entry of Fabletics in the industry, all this changed. Fabletics, under the stewardship of Don Ressler and his co-founders, introduced both fashionable and functional women’s sportswear in the market. The brand has resonated with many and is recording unprecedented growth in the industry even as other brands grapple with losses. Given that the brand is offering affordable sportswear, many women are trooping online and to Fabletics’ stores to purchase a sportswear fashion statement of their own.

Fabletics Enters the Fashion Scene

Don Ressler together with his co-founders recognized a niche in the market focused on what women wanted instead of what the industry was offering. After several focus groups and consumer tests, Fabletics was born, solving the problem of expensive, garish and often ill-fitting sports attire for women across the globe. Additionally, the brand also took out the problem of uncomfortable and poor quality active wear replacing them with good quality, affordable and stylish sportswear. From the onset, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg (his co-founder) realized they would need to bring on board a brand ambassador women could relate to. The two settled on Kate Husdon whose presence in the company has resonated well with women across the world. Kate Hudson’s friendly, confident and appealing face and demeanor appealed to consumers. She took up the role of spokeswoman, taking charge of the brand’s communication with the masses, both online and in person. The brand’s business model which brings together online sales, a discounted pricing system and monthly membership is meeting consumers’ needs. For members, not only do they get discounted pricing for items bought, they also get free shipping and reward points for all purchases made.

Challenges and Successes

In the beginning, Fabletics faced various challenges, especially early-stage funding. Coming up with the proper design for the brand’s sportswear was also not an easy task. With focus and determination, Don Ressler eventually convinced manufacturers on how they could get rid of the complexity associated with active wear. His previous experience in the fashion industry contributed to the brand’s ability to overcome this hurdle, placing it on the path to success. Don Ressler’s hard work has paid off. Fabletics has captured the attention of women looking for fashionable, comfortable and affordable sportswear. Coupled with a great online presence and a functional business model that has seen consumers positively relating to the brand, Don Ressler is satisfied with the performance of the brand. In 2017, the brand is working on satisfying the demand for active wear by plus size women. Together with his team, Don Ressler has actively taken up this challenge and is putting in the hard work to ensure all their clients’ needs are met.