Dr. Jennifer Walden Career Advice for Young Medical Students

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a famous plastic surgeon who resides in Dallas. During her career, she has built a massive plastic surgery practice. Many people are excited about the changes she is making in her business. She recently talked with a group of medical students from a local college. Many college students enjoy talking with Dr. Jennifer Walden because she is willing to give advice. She told them always to diversify different areas of knowledge in their career. Some doctors get so focused on one issue or problem that they never take time to learn essential nutrition or other fundamental concepts of medicine.

How Dr. Jennifer Walden Became Successful

Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in near Dallas. At the time, few females became doctors. However, she wanted to become a doctor and was accepted to medical school. Cosmetic surgery was a new industry at that time. She decided to learn more about the field to enhance her skills. Dr. Jennifer Walden thought becoming an expert plastic surgeon would open up various career opportunities. It turns out she was right.

Hospital Work

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Jennifer Walden started working in a hospital. She was able to learn valuable experiences during this time. There are multiple medical applications of cosmetic surgery.

After working in a clinic for several years, she was able to open her own business. She was nervous about opening up a practice. She had no prior business experience, and plastic surgery was not standard at the time. However, she now has a thriving medical practice and loves working with patients.