Malcolm Caselle and the exchange economy

CIO of one of the best virtual assets sale company Malcolm CaSelle is a bitcoin merchant as well. His company Opskins is currently the centralize market place for digital assets. With crypto currency on the rise, you better believe that means a whole lot of money. Literally a whole lot of money. Crypto currency is the money of the future. In a few years many retailers will be willing to accept digital currency. That’s when guys like CaSelle will absolutely make a killing. They are currently in a process of launcing a company call WAX, which stands for Worldwide,Asset Exchange. WAX is a p2p trading marketplace for virtual assets. Meaning buyers and sellers can use the platform to buy sell store and redeem virtual currencies. WAX major concern is fraud, and that’s where a lot of there attention is. WAX blockchain goal is to unite a market of virtual assets investors. The platform enables users to sell and buy in a efficient manner, all while securing thier information through a encryted system. The widget is very simple and has a clean user interface. Calls can be placed for instant buy and sell orders. WAX wants to eliminate the financial risk of investing in digital assets.

CaSelle studies computer science at standford university and he said that he is very passionate and optimistic about the direction of the computer. The virtual assets market is filled with fraud, and WAX is looking to centralize some of this to lessen crime. WAX definitely have a chance to control a big part of the market.

CaSelle the president of WAX, also hold many other position. He’s helping to grow a 35 billion dollars telecommunication company in Hong Kong. Malcom also help to Raise billions in funding for other companies. You might not know that he also speaks Japanese.

Malcolm is a active investor in many tech companies including Facebook. If you’re seeking more information on him, you can search for him on angel.