Fortress Investment Group Crosses Borders With Its Innovative Products

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm with a focus on alternative assets. The firm has grown fast to become one of America’s largest private equity firms. Indeed, due to the fast growth the company has experienced over the past few decades, it has attracted the attention of such giants as SoftBank. Fortress Investment Group is led by Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone. The company runs assets on behalf of over 1750 private and public entities. It has over $43 billion worth of asset investments under its care. The company has even spread its wings to Canada and other parts of the world. It has continued to attract clients because of its successful portfolio in managing risks in business. It has also succeeded largely because of its diversification strategy.

Brief on Fortress Investment Group

Fortress has a successful portfolio that is a product of the daring moves that its principals and the CEO have made. As mentioned earlier the company is run by three principals at the helm. Randal Nardone and Wes Edens ply their trade from New York, while Peter Briger is based in San Francisco. The company has its headquarters in New York City. Fortress specializes in asset management but it has diversified its services to include financial advisory services including investment consultancy. The company was the first such large private equity firm to trade on the New York Stock Exchange; with its IPO that was trading in 2007. Fortress Investment was founded by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. Peter Briger became a partner and principal a little later.

Fortress in Canada

It came as a shock to many Canadians that Fortress Investment Group had threatened that the Winter Olympics of 2010 would not be held unless t was paid its dues for the intended use of Whistler Blackcomb Resort and the British Columbia Ski Resort that was slated to be used for alpine events. The company had quietly bailed out Intrawest a couple of years before the games were to be held and agreed with Intrawest that it would take over the management and running of the outlets until the situation normalized. The agreement was to the effect that Fortress would be in charge of the two outlets until Intrawest settled the debt. Well, Fortress nearly had its day. It was headed to court to stop the games from being carried out. Fortress management did not relent until the games’ organizers paid up.

Fortress Has Been Purchased By Softbank

Owing to the increasingly attractive financial profile that Fortress has developed over the years, it recently attracted the attention and interest of SoftBank. Softbank is a giant software developer for the current and next generation. The Japanese firm recently concluded talks on the purchase of Fortress. According to the details that have been made available, Softbank purchased Fortress at $3.3 billion. The two companies confirmed the deal; with Fortress on its part clarifying that their shareholders had given them consent regarding the transaction. Fortress remains Independent in operational terms but its financial report will be incorporated with that of SoftBank at the end of each financial year. Fortress shares have been pulled out from the NYSE and the same transferred to Softbank ownership. SoftBank to Buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion


What Robert Deignan Believes About the Internet of Things

The internet is a massive gateway to just about anything, but furthermore, it’s the Internet of Things that has led many in the tech industry to evaluate customer service. Robert Deignan is yet another entrepreneur that sees it this way. Technology is ever evolving, and it is doing so rapidly. The impact technology can have on your personal life and your business is astounding, and it’s the Internet of Things that makes conducting both with ease possible.

As the CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan is taking the position that there is a human element within technology. He believes that is one aspect of technology that we cannot afford to overlook. What sets him apart from other entrepreneurs? This time around, it’s the simple fact that he is taking the time to define what the Internet of Things really is, and how it works.

If you could imagine all devices connected to the internet, that is the true definition of the Internet of Things. As easy as it would be to tie this definition to computers only, it doesn’t work that way. Smartphones, iPads, laptops and anything else that is connected to the internet is a part of the Internet of Things. Any device that has an on/off switch is subject to this. Robert Deignan is committed to not only the quality of a device, but he wants to know that customer service is a high priority in any company he backs.

Devices are what keeps the world connected these days, and thankfully Robert Deignan is smart enough to focus on the service aspect of all this entails. If you aren’t tech savvy it can be a real pain, but it is now how cities run and function. It’s all device oriented, and it’s all operating at a fraction of the cost that it once used to involve with traditional means of communication.

This is the digital and technology age so the market is ripe. Robert Deignan is focused on solving problems, and it’s all for the cause of making and keeping customers happy.

Tommy Tune Enjoys An Evening Of Refreshments At Tony Petrello’s Magnificent Home

Tommy Tune has spent most of his career singing and dancing on the Broadway stage starring in shows like “A Day In Hollywood / A Night In Ukraine,” “Nine” and “Will Rogers Follies,” and he recently did a performance in his hometown of Houston. But it wasn’t just the performance that was special for Tune; he was also welcomed to the home of oil businessman Tony Petrello. Petrello had refreshments served and also had members of  theater board where Tune performed at his home. Tune had delightful moments when he toured the property and met Petrello’s wife and daughter. Petrello has given to other non-profits in theater in music, but he’s earned millions of dollars in annual compensation for his role at Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello took over the Chief Executive Officer position at Nabors Industries after his former colleague Eugene Isenberg passed away in 2011. He’s continued prioritizing advanced automated drilling and analytics software as part of the company’s initiative, and he also led the development of its Canadian subsidiary Canrig platform. Petrello also brought the research development team from Tesco Corporation after Nabors made a stock acquisition of that company, and they’ll also be opening new offshore sites with Saudi Aramco through their SANAD venture. In 2013, Petrello had his salary given bonuses as part of new company proposals, and those bonuses put him at $68.7 million, the highest-paid CEO of that year.

Tony Petrello came to Nabors Industries because they offered even more than what he was making in his law career. He had studied mathematics at Yale University but found a new interest in law in the following years. Petrello found loopholes in tax laws and helped manage mergers and acquisitions deals for various companies as an attorney for Baker & McKenzie. He was managing partner of the firm just prior to leaving for Nabors Industries.

Petrello is a close friend of the Duncan family who gave the initial funding for the Texas Children’s Hospital’s neurological institute. He gave its neurological studies foundation $7 million to discover cures for genetic disorders including cerebral palsy which his daughter Carena struggles with. It was a difficult period of Petrello’s life coming to reconcile with the fact that she would probably always need a wheelchair, but it’s always renewed his energy to support other young children in similar circumstances. He also was a $176,000 donor to flood cleanup operations resulting from hurricane Harvey.

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Stream Energy Gives Lower Rates and Better Opportunities

When customers are able to choose their electric rates, they can get better options than if they had to choose things that were higher. Stream Energy knew this when they started. They also knew things would keep getting better as long as they had the opportunity to keep giving other people the options they needed. It was Stream Energy’s goal of helping people that allowed them to keep giving back in different situations. They also knew things would keep getting better so they had to push forward and help other people with the issues they faced. Stream Energy focused on giving people the opportunities they needed and they also had the ability to keep showing others how things would continue getting better. Because Stream knew how to help people, they could make sure their business focused on that instead of focusing on the profits they made between different things.

As long as Stream knew how to help people, they had to make sure things would keep getting better. They also had to show others there were positive opportunities that would come from everything they offered. When Stream started offering people the opportunities they needed for success, the company saw the positive experiences that came with everything they were doing. It was their way of promoting a positive experience for all the people they worked with. No matter the issues people had or the things they did, Stream felt good about giving everyone the chances that would help them succeed.

Even though Stream Energy felt good about what they did, they still felt there were things people had to keep doing. They wanted to share their experience through the Stream Cares program. They also wanted everyone to get a chance at a better future because of the work they put into the business. Instead of there being negative parts of the business, Stream Cares was the first positive thing they did that was completely unrelated to energy. It was their way of providing a charity and helping people get the results they needed through the things that would help them grow as a company.

OSI Industries Demonstrates Best Leadership Skills In The Region

OSI Group partners is an internationally recognized food provider with branches in different part of Europe. It is among the largest private food providers in Europe and the world. It has enormous financial capabilities, resources and good infrastructure which makes it be the best in the region. OSI industries are renowned for its quality custom foods in various parts of the world.

In 2016, the company won the prestigious Globe of Honor Award. The British Council presented the award due to its exceptional management of environmental risks. It was among the 18 company companies which were awarded this prestigious Award. The awarded is always given to the companies which have demonstrated comprehensive environmental management skills. OSI food solutions managed to achieve the required standard by the British Safety Council in order to win such a prestigious award. The council always carries out an environment management audit and select the companies which have met the standards set for the award. The ability of the company towards managing the environment can also be seen throughout the business. The British Safety Council through the Chair, Lynda Armstrong, congratulated the company for winning the Award. She also applauded the leading organizations for adopting an integrated approach that treats both health and safety equally, hence making the operations of those organizations more sustainable.

OSI Industries leadership was a pillar in ensuring that the company wins such an award. The managerial staff of the company and the top leadership are key to such achievements. The company inspires its employees through the excellent leadership and motivates them to put safety fast by taking care of their working environment. The journey to achieving such an accolade was a result of teamwork among the staff of the companies. The company has won the Globe of Honor in 2013 and 2015. It is, therefore, a clear indication that the company is a worldwide leading organization which cares about the environment when performing its business.

The company also acquired the Baho foods. The purchase of Baho foods has helped to broaden the company’s presence in Europe. The five subsidiaries of the Baho foods will enable OSI to reach about 18 European countries. It also means an additional processing plant in Germany and Netherlands. The company retained the managing director of Baho foods, John Balvers, and his staff. This will help the company to strategize with experienced staff on developing a growth strategy for the two combined companies. The Baho foods will leverage the OSI’s resources and infrastructure in achieving a broad product portfolio.

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OSI Group’s Achievements Under David McDonald

David McDonald is the CEO and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. He is the former chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Currently, he is a member of its Board of Directors. He is also an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He graduated from Lowa State University in 1987 with Bachelors in Science, specializing in Animal Science. He has been a determined and a committed leader to the success of OSI Group. He works well with the employees in providing quality services in the food industry.

David McDonald OSI Group has distributed more than 100 tons of assorted food products to Beijing Olympics games. These food products include; chicken, beef, eggs, pork and dehydrated onions. This act is being recommended across the board. There is a stamp on McDonald’s record for that recommendable service.

A report on Global sustainability has been released that is indicating improvements based on the supply chain, environment and social responsibility in the last period. The report outlines OSI Group’s goals by 2020 which include; reducing energy and water intensity by 10%. All OSI facilities in Europe have been ISO14001 certified. In addition, more than 100 metric tons of food from OSI North American has been donated to Americans. GenOSI has given food to over 25 metric food tons to cater the homeless in the Philippines.
Baho Food, a company manufacturing snacks, foods and deli meats, has been acquired by OSI Group. This company deals with food service and retail sector in Dutch. According to David, Chief Operating Officer, this acquisition will assist improving the market presence of OSI in Europe to aid quality service to the customer needs that are always changing.

In an interview done by Inspirery, Davis McDonald has disclosed that through his passion for achieving knowledge in Animal Science has assisted him to attain his current honorable position at OSI Group. He adds that his interest in agriculture and biology has been of great benefit and their source of income is from the sale of both meat and food products to known companies worldwide. He says that OSI Group’s mission and goal is to make sure they satisfy their clients’ need at all times and costs. He affirms that OSI Group will be continually innovative and flexible to the emerging issues in the market.

Through David McDonald, OSI Group has acquired Flagship Europe, Tyson Food, and Baho Foods Companies.

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OSI Industries Makes Major Expansion With The Acquisition Of Dutch-Based Baho Food

OSI Food Group recently made several major announcements that showcase the magnitude of the company’s expansion over the past several months. First, the company announced that it was going to be purchasing a former Tyson plant located in Chicago, Illinois. Next, the company announced that it had acquired the Dutch based Baho Food, another producer of quality meat products. Finally, the company announced that it had made the list of top meat producing companies in the United States.

OSI Industries is a global leader in producing the best quality in value added protein products, including meat, chicken, sausage and novelty items such as the well-loved hot dog. The company is one of the largest companies to supply said meats and poultry products. OSI Industries has a strong foothold in seventeen countries throughout the world, and this number only continues to grow through such acquisitions as mentioned above. Within those seventeen countries, there are more than sixty five companies or plants that are owned by OSI Foods. The company prides itself on being a top quality place to work and proudly employs over twenty thousand people across the world. OSI Industries also prides itself on offering a level of customer service that is the absolute best in the industry. The company has worked hard to ensure that it is always ground above and beyond to meet the needs of both its customers and its vendors.

First, OSI Industries announced the acquisition of Baho Food. The company is Dutch-based and it is an incredibly popular name, probably the most popular in the region. The company specializes in the production of top quality meats and poultry products. OSI Industries has a global presence and one of its major goals is to grow its global footprint. The purchase of Baho Food is ideal because not only does it allow for growth in the Netherland region, but it also expands the company’s reach in Europe as Baho Food has a massive presence throughout Europe and is rapidly expanding its reach into other areas.

OSI Industries also is one of the United States’ largest company that is privately owned, and is one of just a handful in the meat and poultry industry that is privately held. The company continues to expand on an annual basis and does so mainly through the acquisition of other companies within the same industry that share in OSI Food’s strong values and commitment to customer service.

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Market America Brings Forth a Lot of Money And Freedom for The Skilled

There is a new opportunity that people are slowly becoming aware of. This opportunity is starting a business. This is a dream that many people have but only a few get to experience. For one thing, there are quite a few challenges that keep people from starting a business. One of them is finances. When people start a business, it is common for them to think about a location to rent out which costs quite a bit of money. Fortunately, there is an alternative that Market America encourages people to get involved in. This alternative is online marketing.

One of the reasons that online marketing is such a good alternative is that people can run a business with little to no extra cost. Therefore, when people get started with Market America, all they have to do is figure out the type of marketing that they are going to do. They have the freedom to spend a little bit of money on advertising if they choose. However, they do not have to. They have the luxury of reaching out to millions of people through social media or search engine optimization. While this does take a little bit of time, Market America has a few steps that people can take in order to reduce the time as much as possible.

One of the best things about Market America is that people can market without having to pay tons of money. They can find a host that does not cost much and add their links there so that they can make money. As a matter of fact, there are some social media platforms that also serve as blog hosts. This makes it easier for them to actually reach out to people with the type of marketing they are going to do for their products.

Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is an investment management firm that deals with controlling credit funds, private equity and liquid hedge funds of alternative resources. The company was founded on January 1, 1998. It’s a developed and highly spread international investment management company. Fortress Investment Group LLC uses its wide-ranging expertise and experience in various investment approaches such as Credit, traditional asset management, liquid markets and private equity. Fortress serves a spectrum of more than one thousand and five hundred individual investors and institutional clients throughout the globe. The fortress was founded by Randal Nardone, Wesley R. Edens, and Rob Kauffman in the year 1998 and was based in New York City.

Fortress Investment Group received an award for the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2014. The award was presented by Institutional Investor. Fortress also won the Management Firm of The Year in the same celebrations. The award was presented by HFMWeek. Before this award-winning, Fortress had also been recognized as Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year and also for the Credit Focused Fund of the Year in the years 2012, 2011 and 2010 respectively by the Institutional Investor.

Fortress Investment Group LLC was eyed by SoftBank Group on February 14, 2017. SoftBank Group proposed to offer $3.3 billion for the transaction. The move for the SoftBank acquisition came to be completed in December 2017.

Fortress Investment Group LLC is headed by Randal Nardone who is its Chief Executive Officer and was one of the founders of the firm. He is one of the three principals of Fortress Investment Group LLC. The other principals are Wesley R. Edens who is a co-founder and Peter L. Briger. The company’s Board of Directors is made of seven investors among them are Peter L. Briger who is a co-chairperson, Wesley R. Edens who is a co-chairperson too, David B. Barry, Randal A. Nardone, George W. Wellde, Jr, Douglas L. Jacobs and Michael G. Rantz.

Fortress Investment Group LLC prefers putting its investment in financial services, transportation and infrastructure, Real estate, Media and telecommunications, leisure and healthcare and senior living. It also deals with Power generation equipment, healthcare amenities, renewable electricity procedures and consumer discretionary. Fortress Investment Group LLC has most of its investments in Caribbean, Western Europe, and North America. The company has preference in of having majority stake in firms that it has corporate control.

The primary preference of Fortress Investment Group LLC is to provide services to individual investors and also high net worth investors. The company involves in control-leaning investments in cash flow making, make debt investments, purchase assets, and property based investments. It mostly invests in currency, derivatives, equity, commodity markets, and fixed income all over the world. Fortress alternative investments are distressed real estate loans acquisitions and real estate markets investments.

Fortress Investment Group LLC specializes in recapitalization, turnaround situations and buyouts. It hires experts in various departments of its operations. Fortress also focuses on providing excellent customer services throughout the company’s dealings.

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Fortress Investment Group: Invlovement In 2010 Winter Olympics

Fortress Investment Group was originally founded in 1998 by a group of five individuals. These individuals included financial industry veterans Wes Edens and Pete Bridger. During the company’s initial years experienced an incredibly large amount of growth. From 1998, the year of the company’s inception, until 2006, the year just before the company was publicly traded, Fortress Investment Group was able to increase its asset size by around 40%. As of 2016 in the month of June, the firm was managing around $70 billion worth of alternative assets. These assets were held in private equity, liquid hedge funds, and credit funds. The Corporation became the first large private equity firm to be publicly traded in the United States of America in 2007 during the month of February when it held its initial public offering and became available on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by its five principal founding members. All of the leadership members of the Corporation had significant experience in the finance industry. While it had several good years during its initial performance, it was not spared from the catastrophe of 2008 financial crisis. During the financial crisis of 2008 Wes Edens, one of the Fortress Investment Group principal founding members was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the biggest financial losers of the financial crisis. During this financial crisis, Fortress Investment Group was forced to collect payment on the Olympic athlete’s village that it originally planned to help fund for the 2010 Winter Olympics. During this controversy, the Corporation had promised to loan $875 million to a development fund that would help build the Olympic athletes village in Vancouver British Columbia. However, the instability caused by the financial crisis in 2008 pushed the company towards bankruptcy. By the end of the year, they were unable to provide additional assistance financially to development fund, and the city of Vancouver was forced to pay nearly $450 million in order to complete the project in time for the winter Olympics. However, the city of Vancouver was approved to borrow money in order to help complete the project in the village was completed in 2009. After the conclusion of the winter Olympics, the village went into the holdings of Fortress Investment Group in 2010.

Despite the hardships suffered by the company during the financial crisis that was initiated in 2008 it has since gone on to experience even greater growth than it had during the company’s inception. In 2014 the company was recognized by Institutional Investor, an investment magazine, as the hedge fund manager of the year. It has been recognized several other times as being a prominent investment company by several other publications. After this announcement, the Corporation began to be targeted by several other large profile corporations around the world for the possibility of corporate acquisitions. This came to fruition in 2017 when technology company Softbank group acquired Fortress Investment Group for a total of around $3.3 billion. This deal was concluded at the end of the year and December 2017.

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