Patty Rocklage; Celebrated Psychotherapist And Life Coach

Patty Rocklage is a renowned marriage and family therapist. Her sincere dedication and commitment to offering guidance to families, married couples, and individuals is reliable to those that seek her professional prowess.


Patty’s solid communication strategy, combined with her impartial approach to her clients, has been integral in helping her clients to move past challenging life situations.


Patty wears the hat of a life coach, public speaker, and team builder. Her skills have received countless endorsements from leaders in the psychotherapy field, and have ultimately earned her respect among colleagues and peers.




The Rocklage Home


Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott had big plans to renovate several areas of their home. She had a vision of changing major interior and exterior parts of the home. With assistance from her husband, Patty donned the hiring hat and sought the services of Sudbury Kitchen and Bath Showroom to revamp their home.


Patty was particularly not pleased with how the kitchen area was secluded from the rest of the house. She pointed this to the renovation team and immediately received plans for the new kitchen. Patty and her husband Scott paid the retainer and gave the project go ahead.



Another concern arose in regards to the renovation. Their guests had a bit of a challenge locating the front entrance. This was also included in the renovation plans. Patty Rocklage and the team came up with environmentally conservative strategies on the property’s landscape.



After the job had been completed, Patty and her husband expressed their excitement on the well-done job in the renovated areas. Patty praised Sudbury Kitchen and Bath Showroom for going out of their way to deliver, and do an outstanding job in record time.


Community Outreach


In 2016, Patty Rocklage and her husband paid a visit to the Department of Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They were honored for their financial commitment to the renovation of the nanotechnology and nanochemistry laboratory.


They received a tour of the remodeled Laboratory from members of the faculty and some students. After the tour, the whole team gathered at the lab lobby to express their gratitude to Patty and Scott Rocklage. A plaque is displayed in the laboratory lobby in their honor.



Patty’s community outreach extends to the Sudanese Education Fund. She actively serves on the department of the women’s board in the foundation. The organization aims to stabilize the financial, education, and employment security of the Southern Sudanese community in Massachusetts. Through the Foundation, the Southern Sudanese community is ensured of maximum productivity in the global society.