NewsWatch TV Brings You The Contour Design Review

We all know how much of a pain it can be to use a mouse and keyboard. Now thanks to Contour Design you can be pain-free and more productive in your work environment. With state-of-the-art technology, Contour design brings us the Ultimate Workstation which includes the RollerMouse Red and Balance keyboard. Along with its intuitive seven sensor tracking technology that adapts to your pace as you work.

Wouldn’t it be splendid if you can work countless hours at the computer without any wrist and finger pain? Well, Contours RollerMouse Red and it’s patent large roller bar with a digital left click will diminish these symptoms. This patent Contour design centralizes focus as for less stress with reaching and moving a standard mouse. With intuitive technology that adapts to your pace. Yes, I said it to your pace.

If you’re not satisfied learning all this then that’s not all. Contour Design even put together a Balance keyboard as a perfect companion to the RollerMouse Red. This keyboard comes with adjustable legs for tilt option and is completely wireless. That’s it, no more annoying wires to pull on just to get your keyboard straight. And it actually makes travel so much easier as a matter of fact. Now with smart technology, there’s no need for a power switch.

“And at this point, if you are not completely sold in other words…” NewsWatch TV also lets you know that Contour Design has an upgrade to the RollerMouse Red called the Free 3. In addition, the Free 3 makes the entire workstation wireless. So now you can pair your Balance keyboard and Free 3 anywhere you go.

Not to mention, NewsWatch TV gives us exclusive news right in the comfort of our homes. And without the hassle of looking into anything, by all means. NewsWatch TV has been very informative. I can’t think of any topic they haven’t covered.