Cassio Audi: Leaving Behind a Musical Legacy

Viper is one of the most famous Brazilian bands in the 1980s. The band rose to fame after they accepted Cassio Audi into the group, and he became one of the best drummers in the country during the 80s decade. As a kid, Cassio Audi showcased an interest in playing the drums. His parents supported his hobby, and they helped him develop his talent further. When he was in his teenage years, Cassio Audi decided to join the audition to become a drummer for the Viper band. The band members of Viper were amazed seeing how he performed, and he was chosen to become their drummer. He showed his bandmates that they made the right decision in choosing him as one of their members, and he would always impress the audience whenever they are on tour.

The Viper band would be on a frequent out of the country trip, and due to the impressive performances by Cassio Audi, he gained a lot of fans, not only in Brazil but also in other Latin American countries. He enjoyed fame and popularity for a number of months, but then he decided to leave the band in 1989 and explained to his bandmates that he would love to journey into a new career. His bandmates requested that he record one final song before he left, and he agreed. The band recorded the Soldiers of Sunrise, and after they released it, the song became an instant hit. His fans also felt lonely after he announced that he would be leaving the band. To know more about him click here.

The Soldiers of Sunrise became one of their most popular songs up to the present. It sold thousands of copies, and many people stated that it is among the best compositions of the band. Cassio Audi, on the other hand, decided to work in the world of business. There are no reports about his present life, but many people are speculating that he is now a successful businessman in his own right. His legacy with the band, on the other hand, would continue to be known by the fans of the band for ages.

Meet the Man Who Changed the Game of UTC: Louis Chenevert

Everyone loves a hero. Once you get to the top, everyone suddenly becomes interested in everything you do in your life. Nobody cares about someone with a magnificent plan as long as it is not evaluated. The great question is how do you get to the top? Well, no definite way has been established yet. However, with a little digging on the prominent investors, we could get something. One of these people is Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chenevert is the former Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Well, the success he had in the firm may lead to the assumption that he has always held the senior positions in his career. This is far from the truth. After acquiring his Production Management in HEC Montreal, he was fortunate to secure a job with the General Motors. At first, he was a normal employee, but with time he climbed his ladder and became the overseer of the entire production unit of the firm. He worked in General Motors for more than a decade.

In 1993, he began working for the Pratt & Whitney. This was a different field; the firm specialized in the manufacture of engines. While in the firm, as his norm is, he gave the best and was dedicated to improving the firm. His efforts bore fruits, and they did not go unnoticed. He was given the President position of the firm. These developments happened in less than a decade in the firm. He later climbed the ladder hire and was appointed as the CEO of UTC in 2006.

In the UTC Company, he changed the way the firm operated and took it to a whole new level. This was through the purchase of the GTF engine at $10 billion, the Goodrich at $16billion among other meaningful acquisitions.

Louis Chenevert says that he was able to make a difference in the firm through his relentless focus. He explains that when he decides to do something, he chooses the right team to do it and gives it all his energy. He emphasizes on the need to have a team that is aligned to the goals of the company because it is impossible to make progress with a team that is not cooperative.

José Auriemo Neto a Real Estate Mogul and Luxury Developer

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian businessman that engages in multiple enterprises. He currently serves as the chairman and CEO of JHSF. This is a major real estate company located in Brazil. They have increased the foundation of Brazilian real estate by a hefty percentage and have allowed many families and tourists to enjoy the are. José Auriemo Neto believes in the power of real estate to revitalize an area and he wants to continue developing Brazil. The economy faces a major boost thanks to the jobs he has created and the improvements he has made. It is incredible how impressive his hotels and private apartment complexes are. They are for families or single people. Many tourists have come to Brazil and stayed in these homes. Celebrities and high powered business people have even come to stay inside of his luxury apartments.

The luxury apartments that José Auriemo Neto builds are fitted with the latest appliances and amenities. The lifestyle of luxury is something that he finds very important. This can be seen as a result of his many collaborations with luxury retail brands. The kind of elegance that he offers cannot be found anywhere else. He has created a unique sense of quality in his apartment. The five star hotels come with classy restaurants and bars that offer guests the type of relaxation they are looking for when they travel. The pools are heated and the gym is equipped with the latest exercise gear. The celebrities that have stayed in his hotels are often credited with improving the reputation and assisting with the development of new luxury hotels. To know more about him click here.

José Auriemo Neto has joined forces with some very powerful fashion brands to create his upcoming luxury lines. The retail branch that he is developing will improve the economy by drawing in even more tourism to Brazil. He is doing a service to his country by assisting with the improvement of infrastructure and net growth. The GDP that is generated by José Auriemo Neto’s hotels is a nice amount that the entire country benefits from. He is an amazing entrepreneur and an inspirational developer.


The life of Anthony Petrello at Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is a senior corporate executive in the United States. He is the CEO of the largest drilling firm in the world known as Nabors Industries. Since 1991, Anthony Petrello has been holding senior executive positions in the firm, his first position in the firm was that of the chief operating officer of the firm. Anthony Petrello was headhunted by the manager of Nabors from a law firm that he was working for in New York. They saw great ability in Anthony Petrello to lead the operation of the company. Petrello is naturally talented as a problem solver and has a great ability to address issues in the best way possible. Manager at Nabors saw the quality in him and gave him the job in 1991.

Before life at Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has other careers. Petrello is one of the best mathematicians that exists today. Although he is no longer in the field of mathematics, he has a great contribution in proving mathematical theories that are used today. Together with professor Serge Lang of the Yale University, they worked on numerous complex mathematical theories that had not been resolved. The problems they were solving could not be handled by any other student in his class. He was on top of everyone else. This was quite something given that Yale University attracts the best minds in the world.

Anthony Petrello joined Yale University by sheer luck. Having been a talented mathematician since high school, he was lucky to be spotted by representatives of the Yale University who recommended that he gives a full scholarship that would see him take a degree in mathematics at the institution. Anthony Petrello dream of having a better education had come true. Earlier in life, he had gone through the public school education system that was not the best compared to education in private sector.

Despite the humble background that Anthony Petrello came from, he never gave up. He ensured that he accomplished all the things he had set out to achieve in life. Anthony Petrello has been in two careers before becoming a business executive of Nabors Industries. He has been a mathematician at the Yale University and a lawyer. After he finished his degree in mathematics, he went to the University of Harvard where he studied law. He worked as an attorney in the Baker and Mckenzie law firm. His ability to solve problems has been impeccable. He is one of the people who have unique abilities to analyze problems and look for solutions.

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Brazilian Finance Professional Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian finance professional who has spent his entire career helping investors get the most out of the assets they acquire. Over the course of his career, Igor has spent time as an investment banker, an entrepreneur and a consultant.

In each of these positions, Igor has been able to use his expertise to guide investors into making sound financial decisions. With his advice and feedback, numerous institutional investors have been able to maximize their capital.

He has also provides a lot of valuable assistance to individuals who were looking to build wealth and also establish long term financial security. Cornelsen’s experience has helped him establish himself as one of the leading financial experts in all of Latin America.

When Igor Cornelsen first began his career, he worked as an investment banker. This opportunity allowed Igor to get a full understanding of the financial markets as well as what investors need in order to improve their financial situation.

As an investment banker, Cornelsen would frequently help companies merge together and combine their assets. This would eventually allow them to issue new stock and become more prosperous entities. Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

As an investment banker, Igor was able to establish himself as a top professional in the finance field. With his success in investment banking, Igor would pursue other opportunities that would continue to compliment his expertise in the stock and commodities markets.

After working in the investment banking field for a number of years, Igor founded his own investment firm known as Bainbridge Capital. This firm would enable Igor to serve investors himself and build a trusted entity for financial advice.

As an entrepreneur, Igor would continue to serve the needs of both institutional and individual investors. He would help them make good investment decisions in both the stock and commodities markets.

Along with being a successful entrepreneur in finance, Igor currently serves as a consultant where he provides advice to clients. He assists them with finding the best ways to reach their financial goals through the investment of commodities and stocks.

During the past several years, Igor has built his reputation as being one of the most knowledgeable and reputable professionals in Brazilian finance.

Tony Petrello Philanthropic Deeds

In America, most people believe that oil executives are professionals who are greedy and vain. However, there are few people who are changing this image. Tony Petrello is one of these personalities. Although many individuals in the oil department have a bad image, most of those based in Houston area are respected for their philanthropic activities.

Before Tony was appointed to serve as the chief executive officer of the prestigious Nabor Industries, many people respected him because he has always shown that he has a caring heart. The businessman has increased his philanthropic deeds, especially after his daughter was born prematurely. The oil executive has proved to be a leader who has a generous attitude, especially when it comes to assisting charitable institutions.

For many years now, Tony has been offering emotional and financial support to scientific researchers who are working in the medical community. Together with his beautiful wife Cynthia, Tony Petrello has given over five million dollars and at the same time pledged two million to bring a new research on board. In a recent interview, the businessman says that he is driven to give the donations whenever he watches his daughter take her breakfast. Carena, unlike her eight-year-old age mates, began chewing her food last year due to her medical condition.

Carena, Tony and Cynthia’s daughter has a neurological condition that has affected the ability of the brain to walk, speak and eat. The beautiful young girl has always had to repeat chewing more than one million times so that her brain can learn and recognize the pattern. Carena is a great motivation to her dad to give more donations to scientific research, hoping that one day, medical doctors will find a cure for the condition. Although the young gal is suffering due to the condition, she motivates her parents to have a positive attitude and also a sincere kindness to people with similar circumstances.

Tony’s daughter was born prematurely. This led to the neurological disorder that doctors say that it is incurable. According to medical professionals, Carena’s condition is prevalent, especially to the babies who are born prematurely. The condition results when enough oxygen does not reach the brain. Because Carena was too tiny when she was born, her little body could not circulate the blood that was needed into the brain, and it resulted in the serious condition. With the help of her parents, the beautiful girl is learning to live a good life just like everyone else.

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Micheal Lacey Role in Development of the Mathematics Curriculum

Michael Lacey is an American mathematician. He was born in the year 1959. As a university don, he holds a doctorate from the University of Illinois under the able guidance of Walter Philipp.

Lacey doctoral thesis focused on the broad area of probability in the Banach spaces. In his thesis, he intended to solve a problem relating to the law of iterating algorithm for various empirical characteristics. In all his intervening years, his studies and lectures focused on the following areas of mathematics, ergodic theory, probability as well as the harmonic analysis.

Due to his in-depth knowledge of the mathematics subject, Michael Lacey decided to lecture in various universities. He has used this position to impart knowledge to different students that he has taught.

He has been a lecturer at the Indiana University as well as the University of North Carolina. While lecturing at the University of North Carolina, Lacey together with Walter Philip gave their submissions on the almost sure central limit theory.

At Indiana University, Lacey played the role of doctoral fellowship. During this period as the fellowship guy, he gained interest in the bilinear Hilbert transform.

The transform was later put to conjecture by Alberto Calderon. Lacey working together with Christoph Thiele were able to solve it in the year 1996. For this reason, the two were awarded the Salem Prize of the year. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

In the year 1996, Michael Lacey was promoted to the level of a Professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has used this title and role to contribute more to research and publications. With this, he has been able to make an immense contribution to the mathematics discipline.

Lacey has employed the importance of teamwork and collaboration in his work. Due to collaboration, Lacey and his partner or partners can enjoy the benefits of synergy.

That is the main reason why most of his research topics are completed on time. In the year 2004, Lacey jointly worked with Xiaochun Li, and together they were awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship. Lacey was to be later admitted as a fellow I the American Mathematical Society. The appointment took place in the year 2012. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

Unlike most lecturers who advance the theory that mathematics is a solo subject, Michael Lacey advises his students as much as possible to work in groups.

Lacey believes that if the students can conduct the group function properly, then they should be in a position to critique each other and come up with better solutions than compared to when one is working alone. He uses his position as a professor and as a lecturer to expose his students to the beautiful world of mathematics and numbers. He has continually motivated his students to push themselves even higher to achieve the desired results.

Michael Lacey holds a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently a full professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. Due to his contribution in the field of mathematics, Lacey has won quite some awards in his lifetime. He has also greatly impacted on the lives of students that he has taught.

Tracing Mathew Autterson’s Humble Journey to Success

Presently the CEO and president of CNS Bioscience, Mathew Autterson is an exciting business person. Having spent over 25 years as a leader in the financial community, there is a lot to learn from this established business figure. His good qualities stretch beyond the business heights. He is known to have philanthropic interest following the many years he spent serving people.




Mr. Matthew Autterson attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance. Besides this, Mathew took a tax program at the University of Denver. His excellent academic background contributes towards his impressive business portfolio and years of business leadership. His educational credentials are said to be remarkable, no wonder his successive business career.


Professional Journey


Mr. Autterson began his professional journey early, immediately after school. He began his proficient career at First Trust Corporation. Here he was able to grow both as a person and as a leader. In 1982, he decided to seek further career test. He left First Trust and joined a chartered corporation in Colorado. The New York based Integrated Resources Inc. supplied Mathew with an opportunity to enhance his business leadership expertise. Due to hard work and determination, he was promoted to be the president in 1986.


In 1989, Integrated Resource Inc.’s assets were acquired by a company known as Broad Inc., which later changed to Sun America Inc. Mr. Autterson was also an active leader and board member of Denver Zoological Foundation and the Denver Hospice. Here he was able to fully engage with the zoo world and develop qualities different from the norm. His philanthropic nature is believed to have been engineered here. Currently, he is the president and CEO of Falci Adaptive Bio-systems (FAB). His major qualities include leadership, corporate mentorship, and philanthropy. He is also the CEO and president of CNS Bioscience.




Mathew is an active member of the board of directors of the Colorado based FAB. Here, he is able to express his philanthropic qualities. Besides FAB, he is also an active board member, CEO, and President of CNS Bioscience. The company is known to develop Neuropathy management drugs primarily at the clinical stage.