Dave McDonald Pushes For Growth At OSI Industries

When it comes to putting the serve in the foodservice industry David McDonald knows a lot about keeping connection strong, running a business and most of all keeping the crowd happy. His experience and claim to fame is as the president of OSI Group, which is a short name for a company not at all short on clientele. For more than two decades, OSI is the leading provider for businesses such as the McDonald’s food chain franchise, among others just as big. Some of these names include Starbucks and Burger King.

But, his expertise and knowledge is not just about bringing a product to a distributor. It’s about pride and delivering a solution to a global market. Of course, no man is an island and David McDonald’s go to man is Sheldon Lavin who in his own right shows just as much maverick as the OSI president. There’s a lot to say about this business man, his team and the work they do throughout the year that puts them all at the top of the star list. David McDonald is quite well positioned in the fact that he knows and appreciates just how Global his company’s reach is. He can market to any territory reasonably possible through is company’s global network.

Right now he has his eye on China because of the ever-growing market that its economy is presenting his business. Although the relationship has been long-standing and mutually beneficial for some time now, it almost sounds like some tacky immature grade school joke to mention that David McDonald and the franchise McDonald’s is a winning combination. Without a doubt these two powerhouse companies are both forces to be reckoned with and have a lot to smile about themselves and more

And then, there is the professional admiration and respect that McDonald has for his fellow team member and OSI Group Chairman Sheldon Lavin who deserves thanks for the push and rise of locations within their organization. This company’s president uses early engagement and innovation in solution fulfillment when it comes to ensuring the future of his company’s success. This means sitting face to face with not just clients but with their customers and figuring out what is best to do when it comes to not just product capacity but design and function. Flawless execution of this successful business model is exactly how OSI recruits new customers and scores big wins at events such as the Olympics held in Beijing China.

Susan Mcgalla Provides Good Information for Women in Business

Susan Mcgalla is known for many things. One of the many things that she is known for is her leadership role in helping many retail companies thrive. As a marketing consultant that wants work for herself it was obvious that Susan would be a person to help those that wanted to build better marketing campaigns.

Susan definitely can help with things like this because she majored in marketing, and her degree allowed her to move through different positions where she could put her advertising skills to work.

Susan Mcgalla graduated from the University of Mount Union, and she currently sits on the board of HFF. She has quite a bit of experience in the business world because she has work as a CEO for major companies like American Eagle Outfitters. This is a major accomplishment for women in business, and it shows that women are excited about taking on leadership roles in the business world. Susan Magalla is one of those people that has shown that the business world is filled with lots of great possibilities for women, but they have to work hard.

When Susan speaks to women this is going to be the first thing that she mentions. She wants women to really know that hard work is essential for building a successful career in the corporate world. It comes down to things like getting an education and getting the experience that is needed to handle certain position.

Susan has been able to gain a significant amount of success with big companies like American Eagle because she knew the value of hard work. Susan does not glance over this or take it lightly when she speaks to other women. When she speaks in conferences she is a voice that women really need to pay attention to. She knows so much about the business world, and she has her mind set on helping others that want to know about the business world. She is elated to be in a position where she can share this information with others. It makes it easier for other women to conquer corporate America.

Omar Yunes the Successful Franchisee

Omar Yunes is a Mexican citizen who is also one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. On December 2015, he was honored during the Annual Franchisee Awards. Omar Yunes is the founder and CEO f the Sushi Itto brand, a Japanese food chain that now has more than one hundred franchisee units across the world. Omar started the restaurant food chain when he was just 21 years of age and has ever since worked hard to make the brand a global brand. Omar Yunes has been in the hospitality market for several years and has managed to earn a lot of expertise and skills that have enabled him to run the Japanese food chain successfully.

Omar Yunes won the Best Franchisee of The World which is an awarding event that included more than 30 nations such as Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Portugal, France and Argentina. Although Omar Yunes was a nominee for the first time at the event, he managed to scoop the award and represented his country. The organizers of the event stated that Omar Yunes managed to win the award due to his efforts of enhancing communication between the franchiser and the franchisee. He was also recognized for his outstanding ability to manage all his franchise units, treating his employees the right way as well as giving them good remuneration as a way to motivate them.

Omar Yunes is known all over the world due to his successful brand, Sushi Itto. The Sushi Itto brand now has its presence in three cities namely; Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. Omar Yunes is responsible for overseeing the over 400 employees who serve in all his franchise units. He is known as one of the best bosses who are hard working, disciplined and committed. Omar Yunes has exemplary leadership and managerial skills which he has learned over the years at the Sushi Itto Brand. He has been serving as a mentor to young adults in Mexico who wish to become entrepreneurs, specifically in the hospitality industry. Omar Yunes works in collaboration with Benjamin Cancelmo who serves as the Chief Executive Officer at the Sushi Itto brand.


The Infrastructural Expert Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructural expert on projects in Porto.Felipe is tasked with reporting issues on matters involving the infrastructure. Jens has wide knowledge on the water park in Guaiba, the public market, projects that include sanitation, and during bidding of the public clocks. The new hospital that is being constructed to house infants that are born as a result of maternal problems has benefited from his expertise. The hospital is being located in Vargas.

According to Felipe partnerships that are public-private have to be executed by the council. The council is a body considered to be superior. The council plans all activities to be undertaken within its jurisdiction. Felipe states that it is the mandate of the council to announce matters publicly and determine the conditions for the process of bidding to occur.

The council managing partnership issues are also responsible for evaluating matters regarding the concession. The ideas generated have to be weighed, relevant ideas are taken into considerations while the others are rejected. The council is responsible for hearing appeals that are presented before it.

Felipe Montoro Jens serves as an attorney general in the council. The expert position which he serves is delegated to him in the municipality as a partner on the board. Felipe states that it is not mandatory to be a participant in the council. This is because the board has been through harsh financial problems that do not necessitate its performance.

Jens explains further that the board is not allowed to participate in matters of conflicting interest. The board members are not allowed to vote as this will not enhance equity in the management. Felipe studied business administration from Fundao in Vargas and further got a master’s degree from Thunderbird. Jens studied international management while in the United States based university. Felipe has worked in various companies including the PriceWaterhouseCoopers.