Jason Hope and the Future of Technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale,Arizona. He has a passion for philanthropy and technology. He believes investing in our future now will have greater rewards for the future generations. Hope was a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Finance. Jason Hope later received his MBA from the Carey School of Business. Jason Hope also believes in mentoring the next generation of high school graduates and future entrepreneurs. He has also involved himself political interests related to businesses.

Jason Hope is a self proclaimed futurist that spends most of his efforts in technology innovation. Jason Hope is especially interested in the “internet of things” which is essentially a virtual network. He shares his predictions for 2018 with Analysts of Finance. Almost 800 million dollars is predicted to be spent in this virtual network in 2018. IT security will be a huge concern in 2018 because the internet connects so many people, networks, and devices together. Blockchain technology, which is a type of crypto measure, will be essential for successful IT security in the coming years.With extensive security measures must come extensive training among workers to ensure the security measures are utilized properly.

Rejuvenating technologies will eventually allow people to live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Hope joined the SENS Foundation in his pursuit of agelessness. He believes it is more than just living longer but actually creating a better quality of life as well. SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. Senescence is basically an organism that does not experience aging. Humans do not currently possess any of these traits. The goal of this foundation is to create and/or discover a trait the would become attainable to humans. Hope truly believes in the purpose of this organization and has invested both monetary resources and technology to this very cause. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Jordan Lindsey Talks about the Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

There were just a few people who had heard about cryptocurrencies till a few years back. But as its values increased ten-fold in the last year, it became quite popular among investors. There had been speculations that the price of cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin will increase considerably and it is the main reason why investors have been pouring money into it. There are also people who believe that Bitcoin is a big bubble and it will burst any time soon. They also warned people against investing in Bitcoin because they can lose all their money when the bubble explodes. But, Jordan Lindsey is of the opinion that Bitcoin has great potential and it is unlikely that it is a bubble.


Jordan Lindsey was among the first investors to speak highly of cryptocurrencies when only a few people knew about it and have benefited from it. He has also invested the Bitcoin Growth Bot that uses the Metatrader 4 platform. The bot can be used to develop the lowest risk strategies and to earn profits from Bitcoins. The bot allows the users to invest in Bitcoins and to make money from it. The trading platform was introduced to the users on March 5th of this year. Since its launch, it has got some great reviews from investors and the number of people using it for their investment purpose has been on the rise.

Jordan Lindsey believes in offering practical advice to its clients so that they can make the right choice for themselves. Since trading is not as complicated as many people think, it does need a little research. But, since not everyone has the time to do it, it is essential that they use the tips from experts responsibly. Jordan Lindsey also believes that trading in Forex can be quite beneficial but only if they traders know exactly what they want. Thus, having a financial goal for themselves is essential when people start to trade. Jordan Lindsey has spent years studying the trading market and keeps himself updated on the current trends. He is also the founder of an investment company JCL Capital that works with some big investors in the market.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Announces New Bradesco President

After a lot of careful consideration, the head of one of Brazil’s largest banks has chosen a new president for the company. Cappi himself will continue on as Chairman of the Board, but former Vice President Octavio De Lazari Jr. will take the helm as president. He will officially begin his duties after the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting in march.

That annual shareholder’s meeting was also the deadline for a new president to be chosen. Under Brazilian banking rules, they were also required to submit a name to Brazil’s central bank for their new president thirty days before the meeting. The company has a long standing tradition of promoting from within, so it’s not a surprise that they promoted one of the company’s seven Vice Presidents.

This entire thing began with the resignation of the company’s former President Lazaro Brandao according to globo.com. He had served the bank for more than seven decades before his retirement at the age of ninety one. Luiz Trabuco stepped in as the temporary President, but it was understood from the beginning that it would be a temporary arrangement.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the man who made Bradesco the powerful institution that it is today. He serves as Chairman, but before that he worked his way up the ranks from a very young age. Like many of the world’s most successful people, Trabuco wasn’t handed any opportunities until he worked hard to get them. Some of his best work was in the management of Bradesco Seguros, which is the portion of the company concerned with the insurance business. He served as company’s President and Chairman until the age of 65. Bradesco’s charter says that a company president must retire at 65, which is the only reason he is no longer leading the company. After the resignation of Lazaro Brandao, the age limit was increased to 67 simply because Trabuco was unquestionably the best man for the job. Bradesco is the second largest bank in Brazil.

It is worth noting that Octavio De Lazari Jr. also worked as the head of Bradesco Seguros, just as his predecessor did. He began working for the bank at the age of fifteen, giving up his plans of playing football for a more realistic goal. His father was a customer at the bank, and was well liked by most of the people there. He used that influence to help his son get the job, and it is probably safe to say that they never regretted hiring him.

According to CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the decision was made based on a number of things, but Octavio De Lazari Jr. was mainly chosen based on experience and merit. After his years of service to the company, and his stellar performance within it, he was a natural choice for the position.

With such a stellar team of seasoned professionals at the helm, one can only expect that Bradesco will continue the upward trend that they have enjoyed in recent years. In spite of all bumps in the road, their wagon continues to roll on.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5153264/bradesco-novo-presidente-saira-do-corpo-executivo-afirma-trabuco


There are new opportunities being developed daily in the financial world. Due to new association created by the internet. Several businesses are able to create new financial facilities that will provide their customers with the services they need.

In 2002, AL Christy Jr in Indianapolis Indiana founded a company called Equities First Holdings, the objective of this company was to provide their customers with the financing they needed to further their personal and financial goals.

Equities understood how difficult it was to obtain loans from the traditional banks and they provided an alternative plan for these customers. The customers use their stocks and shares as security for the loans that they obtained. Equities offered these customers less stringent conditions, to make it easy for them to qualify. They also offered them reduced interest rates, to make it easy for them to repay.

Equities has businesses in five countries and continues to expand.

Finding an Opportunity With Market America

One of the common ways that people find marketing opportunities is that they look for alternative ways to make money online. One of the common ways for people to find Market America and other product brokers is that they look for ways to make money from writing. One thing that they will find is that there are so many different opportunities that show different ways of making money from writing. One common method that they find is earning passive income from their writings. This is when the world opens up. People can get paid to write articles and blogs if they know how to market.

In order to make money with Market America, it is important to decide on the activities that are going to be done that can make the money. There are tons of steps to move with. The first thing to decide on is the industry. The next step is deciding on the type of content that is going to be written. Afterwards, picking out a brand and a product within the Market America network can go a long way towards profiting. Afterwards, the next step is in the actual marketing. This is also one of the most crucial steps because this is when the marketer shows people the business and the product.

There are a few challenges to overcome to making money online. However, once people have become comfortable with building an online presence, then the marketing aspects of making money with Market America can actually be fun. When people try to look for something that they can have fun with while making money, it can be the best source of income that they have ever attempted. The best part is that they are going to gain money for their efforts a little while after they are done.

The Academy of Arts Redefines Limits

New York Fashion Week is the place to be if you want to get big and have your name become known by all. It is where the real magic happens, and new names are showcased. The School of Fashion held its 21st runway at the Skylight Clarkson Square where fresh designers such as Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, and Carlos Rodriguez all showed off their indicate and original creations.

Ten BFA and MFA grads were able to debut their menswear and womenswear creations this season, and the diverse backgrounds of the designers really showed through in their clothing lines. There’s a lot that goes into the designs and the final product. It takes countless hours, classes, internships, and workshops to showcase a piece for a few minutes on the runway.

Each designer has something different and amazing to offer. Hailun Zhou uses her inspiration form her photographs and travels to create her dresses and outerwear. Zhou incorporated PVC and vinyl to create her designs.

Eden Slezin used vintage denim and even recycled bike tubes to make fashionable and wearable pieces.

Dina Marie Lam incorporated emotions into her pieces and used soft and pampering materials to create useable pieces.

Carlos Rodriguez used details such as embroidery to make his collection stand out, and SayaShen was inspired from landscapes and the trees and ocean of San Francisco. Joanna Jadallah used a unique combination of leather, cashmere knits, wool, and brocades.

The Academy of Art is the place to be to gain experience through hands-on designing and learning. Design, communication and the arts are thoroughly covered in their undergraduate and graduate programs.

The University has an inclusive admissions policy, and they’re open to all who are willing to learn and get a career in the world of art and design.

The Academy of Art challenges its students to push themselves and to be all that they can be and to think outside the box. The Academy encourages their students to dig deep, to let their colors show, and to draw on their experiences and surroundings to implement into their designs

Introducing The Brown Modelling Agency: What You Should Know About Them

The Brown Modelling Agency is a talent agency you might be interested in learning more about. There are a few things we’ll discuss, such what the agency does, who they are, news coverage they’ve received and the type of social media presence they have.


About Brown Modelling Agency

The company is a talent agency. It first arrived in Austin, TX, back in 2010 and since then it has become one of the most well-known talent agencies in Austin. Their Austin models and other talent has done work for some of the biggest brands around the globe. These brands includes Loreal, Louis Vuitton and Toyota to name a few. The models have also walked many runway shows around the world, including Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week.


The CEO of the company is Justin Brown. His agency represents a range of taken, including actors and models that work in various areas such as industrial videos, commercials, runway and fashion. The talent also works in trade shows and at corporate events. These are only a few examples of the areas the agency’s talent works in.


In The Press

The agency has received a number of press. For example, in 2015 the agency received pressed when it Heyman Talent-South was acquired by Wilhelmina Austin and re-branded itself as The Brown Agency. In another example, the website MyStatesman ran an article about how Justin Brown and his agency takes care of hundreds of talent. The article highlighted the successes of the talent that works for The Brown Modelling Agency.


Their Presence On Social Media

The Brown Agency has a Facebook page, as well as an Instagram profile, Twitter and they have a YouTube channel. They post regularly and most content is relevant to the work they are doing or to the industry.


When it comes to talent, The Brown Modelling Agency are experts. If you want to stay up to date with what the agency has going on, then follow them on social media. If you want to book talent or find out more about auditioning to become talent, then visit the company’s website.



Dave McDonald Pushes For Growth At OSI Industries

When it comes to putting the serve in the foodservice industry David McDonald knows a lot about keeping connection strong, running a business and most of all keeping the crowd happy. His experience and claim to fame is as the president of OSI Group, which is a short name for a company not at all short on clientele. For more than two decades, OSI is the leading provider for businesses such as the McDonald’s food chain franchise, among others just as big. Some of these names include Starbucks and Burger King.

But, his expertise and knowledge is not just about bringing a product to a distributor. It’s about pride and delivering a solution to a global market. Of course, no man is an island and David McDonald’s go to man is Sheldon Lavin who in his own right shows just as much maverick as the OSI president. There’s a lot to say about this business man, his team and the work they do throughout the year that puts them all at the top of the star list. David McDonald is quite well positioned in the fact that he knows and appreciates just how Global his company’s reach is. He can market to any territory reasonably possible through is company’s global network.

Right now he has his eye on China because of the ever-growing market that its economy is presenting his business. Although the relationship has been long-standing and mutually beneficial for some time now, it almost sounds like some tacky immature grade school joke to mention that David McDonald and the franchise McDonald’s is a winning combination. Without a doubt these two powerhouse companies are both forces to be reckoned with and have a lot to smile about themselves and more

And then, there is the professional admiration and respect that McDonald has for his fellow team member and OSI Group Chairman Sheldon Lavin who deserves thanks for the push and rise of locations within their organization. This company’s president uses early engagement and innovation in solution fulfillment when it comes to ensuring the future of his company’s success. This means sitting face to face with not just clients but with their customers and figuring out what is best to do when it comes to not just product capacity but design and function. Flawless execution of this successful business model is exactly how OSI recruits new customers and scores big wins at events such as the Olympics held in Beijing China.

Susan Mcgalla Provides Good Information for Women in Business

Susan Mcgalla is known for many things. One of the many things that she is known for is her leadership role in helping many retail companies thrive. As a marketing consultant that wants work for herself it was obvious that Susan would be a person to help those that wanted to build better marketing campaigns.

Susan definitely can help with things like this because she majored in marketing, and her degree allowed her to move through different positions where she could put her advertising skills to work.

Susan Mcgalla graduated from the University of Mount Union, and she currently sits on the board of HFF. She has quite a bit of experience in the business world because she has work as a CEO for major companies like American Eagle Outfitters. This is a major accomplishment for women in business, and it shows that women are excited about taking on leadership roles in the business world. Susan Magalla is one of those people that has shown that the business world is filled with lots of great possibilities for women, but they have to work hard.

When Susan speaks to women this is going to be the first thing that she mentions. She wants women to really know that hard work is essential for building a successful career in the corporate world. It comes down to things like getting an education and getting the experience that is needed to handle certain position.

Susan has been able to gain a significant amount of success with big companies like American Eagle because she knew the value of hard work. Susan does not glance over this or take it lightly when she speaks to other women. When she speaks in conferences she is a voice that women really need to pay attention to. She knows so much about the business world, and she has her mind set on helping others that want to know about the business world. She is elated to be in a position where she can share this information with others. It makes it easier for other women to conquer corporate America.

Omar Yunes the Successful Franchisee

Omar Yunes is a Mexican citizen who is also one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. On December 2015, he was honored during the Annual Franchisee Awards. Omar Yunes is the founder and CEO f the Sushi Itto brand, a Japanese food chain that now has more than one hundred franchisee units across the world. Omar started the restaurant food chain when he was just 21 years of age and has ever since worked hard to make the brand a global brand. Omar Yunes has been in the hospitality market for several years and has managed to earn a lot of expertise and skills that have enabled him to run the Japanese food chain successfully.

Omar Yunes won the Best Franchisee of The World which is an awarding event that included more than 30 nations such as Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Portugal, France and Argentina. Although Omar Yunes was a nominee for the first time at the event, he managed to scoop the award and represented his country. The organizers of the event stated that Omar Yunes managed to win the award due to his efforts of enhancing communication between the franchiser and the franchisee. He was also recognized for his outstanding ability to manage all his franchise units, treating his employees the right way as well as giving them good remuneration as a way to motivate them.

Omar Yunes is known all over the world due to his successful brand, Sushi Itto. The Sushi Itto brand now has its presence in three cities namely; Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. Omar Yunes is responsible for overseeing the over 400 employees who serve in all his franchise units. He is known as one of the best bosses who are hard working, disciplined and committed. Omar Yunes has exemplary leadership and managerial skills which he has learned over the years at the Sushi Itto Brand. He has been serving as a mentor to young adults in Mexico who wish to become entrepreneurs, specifically in the hospitality industry. Omar Yunes works in collaboration with Benjamin Cancelmo who serves as the Chief Executive Officer at the Sushi Itto brand.