Onelogin Is the Omnibus of Software Vulnerabilities Protection

Historically, since the civilization and technology age, companies have been using codes and passwords to safeguard their confidential information. Nonetheless, hackers have re-invented tactics of breaking into the system and maliciously having access to a company’s data. This has been a major threat and has caused company’s information about their business processes, financial books and inside stories to leak out.Visibly, the use of passwords and codes is not safe either, but Authentication is. Authentication takes the form of physiological and behavioral. The behavioral pattern does not have uniqueness and therefore not sufficient. The physiological aspect is an engulfment of facials, fingerprints, voice, and heartbeat among other inherent biological tints. A big corporation such a Google has incorporated biometrics as an alternative to passwords.

Biometrics technologies in authentication similarly need to be re-innovated to ensure optimal security of data is achieved. In this technological era, even the unique traits such as fingerprints can be altered by the development of fake ones. This has posed a significant challenge in securing data as almost all devices can be corrupted or compromised. Alvaro Hoyos of OneLogin says a solution would be a balanced use of both physiological and behavioral biometrics to leverage the situation.

About OneLogin

It is a cloud-based information access management company aiming at providing data security. OneLogin is about eight years old since it was established in 2009 by brothers Thomas Pedersen and Christian Pedersen. Being a technology-based company, it has lead to the development of software that only allows access only to sites and company information after executing a thorough scrutiny of authentication of the user.

One Login offers Identity Access Management solutions, single sign-on Execution, web access management and cloud directory just to mention but a few of their services. It has brought a new chapter of security through the use of URL and TAG commands that is somewhat eschewing traditional password use. The One Login stores its passwords in an encrypted code or just as a plain text. The use of these services has been adopted in the hospitality industry and helps in smooth operation and in ensuring security and confidentiality. It is based in San Francisco, California.