How Andrew Rolfe Has Made a Positive Impact on a Worldwide Level

During the Ubuntu Fund Dinner of the 10th Annual Gala, it was hoped that they could raise $972,960 to assist the Ubuntu’s Fund school campus in South Africa. One of the key projects that the money is aimed at developing is the pediatric clinic which is part of the campus. The school will also enroll more children who are disadvantaged in the local region. As the basis of the program is to help as many underprivileged young people as possible, they were focused on achieving their goal and purpose as a fund. Andrew Rolfe took the opportunity of serving the 300 gala attendees with tasty dishes and impressive music performances by the Xhosa choir. Among the invited special guests were two students who were assisted by the Ubuntu Fund.

Mr. Andrew Rolfe has worked in a couple of companies such as Beverages & More, J. Jill, and True Religion Apparel. His great expansion and leadership skills made him an outstanding asset to the Ubuntu Fund. He is always searching for means to expand and improve opportunities available for the less privileged families and children.

Andrew Rolfe was announced as President of the International Division of Gap incorporation on the 3rd of November, 2003. His duties were stated as overseeing the Gap stores in the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Germany from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. He was also in charge of controlling the strategies aimed at growing the international company. He was also declared as a member of the leadership team of the company’s Executive, and expected to report to Paul Pressler, the President and CEO of Gap Incorporation.

Mr. Pressler made a few remarks regarding Andrew Rolfe, saying that he had displayed great skills of leadership by globally growing retail brands as well as satisfying customer needs on an international level. Therefore, Mr. Rolfe was expected to proceed with the good works of satisfying the preferences of customers in the international markets. He was also to identify the best alternative ways to satisfy customers shopping at Old Navy, Gap and the Banana Republic on a worldwide level.