The Driving Force Behind Seattle Genetics

There are few more successful companies in the field of cancer research than Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology firm which rose to prominence due to its contributions to the development of the very first cancer cell targeting therapy treatment which lead to the creation of the drugs now known today as ADC’s (Antibody drug conjugates). This history of vigorous and groundbreaking technological advancement in the field of cancer treatment and research has lead to the companies stocks tripling in the short period of only five years which is quite a impressive amount of growth. With interest in the company at an all time high many are curious about the leading figures behind the transformative research being down at Seattle Genetics, in that regard few have been more influential than Dr. Clay Siegall.

Dr. Siegall received his formative education at the prestigious George Washington University, specializing in genetics research and began focusing on cancer treatment at a relatively early age. He was also the cofounder of Seattle Genetics and currently resides as both the chairman of the board of the companies directors and the president and CEO of the company at large.

One of the unique features about Dr. Siegall’s tenure at the company is that he has maintained a heavy focus on R & D rather than just maintaining a corporate structure. He has accomplished this task through the maintenance of three different publishing companies through which he circulates and publishes breaking and cutting edge work from up and coming pharmaceutical scientists who have devoted themselves to cancer treatment research.